Microdosing The Future of Cannabis

Microdosing is exactly what it sounds like. It means to take very such small doses of a drug so that they are below perceptual threshold to treat ailments from anxiety to depression and everything in between.

Today’s movement toward personal health is going beyond the doctors office and creating groups of people who are taking their wellness into their own hands and looking for non-pharmaceutical solutions. In a era of high-dose, microdosing any type of medication really is unheard of but what microdosing seems to do is rebalance people at a level that is easier for the body to process. It is a way for the consumer to tailor their cannabis experience with accuracy and avoid overconsumption.

How to Microdose Cannabis Edibles?

Microdosing with cannabis edibles is effective when the same very small amount is taken on a regular schedule. The dose isn’t enough to “trip” but instead creates the subtle internal shift that positively effects mood, focus, productivity or creativity. It can also give relief from depression, anxiety and headaches. It can be taken as a daily dose to get the desired effects you want without the negative mind/body altering effects.

Microdosing might not be the next “BIG” thing in cannabis but this small alternative consumption method is definitely they way in which more people will be consuming it in the future. Especially edibles and especially for individuals looking to use cannabis as a long-term health and wellness solution. It is just another way this wonderful drug is helping those in need.

Jillian Nelson