Edible Safety

We hope you enjoy Evergreen Organix products and have an awesome edibles experience!  If consumed responsibly, edibles are a fun and delicious way to medicate.  However, if not taken properly edibles can cause users to have very unpleasant experiences.  Please remember the following:

Start low.  Understanding potency is key to having a good edibles experience.  New users are recommended to consume no more than 5mg – 10mg THC in one sitting.  It is much better to start low and slightly increase your dose over time as needed, versus overconsuming and having an unpleasant experience.

Go slow.  The effects of edible cannabis may be delayed up to two hours or more after consumption.  Do not consume additional cannabis products until your first edible has taken effect.

Effects are different from smoking.  Edible cannabis affects users very differently from smoking.  This is because cannabinoids are processed through different metabolic pathways in the body.  Smoking processes cannabis through the lungs and bloodstream very quickly.  When cannabis is eaten, the body metabolizes it as 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-THC through the liver and this take a bit longer for effects to set in.  Furthermore, most users tend to experience stronger effects from edibles that they do from smoking so

Everyone is different. Many factors play into how cannabis affects users. Body weight, metabolism, health, diet, activity level, and cannabis usage history are all factors that affect how a person will react to cannabis.  

Be patient.  Edible cannabis can take up to 2 HOURS before consumers experience any effect. Never take another dose unless you feel and are comfortable with the full effect of your previous dose. Gauge your reaction first and then consider increasing your dosage.

Overconsumption. Did you consume a little too much and are having an unpleasant experience? Don’t worry! It happens to even the most experienced cannabis users! Just keep calm, listen to your body, and remember that you will be fine. The best remedy for overconsuming cannabis is to rest or sleep it off. The effects will wear off with time.

Safety first. Cannabis may temporarily impair your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. Never consume cannabis with alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs.



Who can buy cannabis in Nevada?  In November of 2016, Nevadans voted for the legalization of retail cannabis sales meaning that cannabis products may be purchased and consumed by 21+ adults.   The State of Nevada also has a reciprocity program for all medical cannabis patients.  This means that patients from any medical cannabis state may bring their credentials to a licensed Nevada dispensary and purchase medical cannabis.

Can I travel with cannabis?  No.  Cannabis products purchased in Nevada may only be consumed by a medical patient within the State of Nevada.  Transporting cannabis across state lines is a violation of federal law.  This even applies if you are traveling between states where cannabis is legal.

Can I consume cannabis in public?  No.  Cannabis may only be consumed in a private residence. 

Can I buy from Evergreen Organix directly?  No.  Evergreen Organix is licensed for wholesale production only, but our products are available at most dispensaries throughout Nevada.  Check out our dispensaries list to find our products near you!

Do you ship your products?  No.  Our products can only be purchased at license Nevada dispensaries.

Why do edibles take so long to take effect?  Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect because the cannabinoids are processed through different metabolic pathways in the body.  Smoking processes cannabis through the lungs and accesses the bloodstream very quickly.  When cannabis is eaten, the body metabolizes it through the liver and this take a bit longer for effects to set in. 

Why are the effects of edibles different from smoking?  This is because THC is being metabolized differently within the body.  When cannabis is smoked, delta-9-THC is processed very quickly through the lungs.  When THC is eaten, the liver breaks down THC into 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-THC.  This compound better crosses the blood-brain barrier than smoked THC.  This is why edibles consumers generally report feeling more of a body high that is much more intense than what they are used to from smoking.  For more information, check out this awesome video by Leafly®

Does strain profile affect edibles?  (ie: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid)  No.  Strain effects come from the individual terpene profiles of that specific strain.  Sativa strains contain stimulating and energetic terpenes while Indica strains have more mellow and relaxing terpene profiles.  Because terpenes are destroyed during the product process, edibles do not generally provide strain-specific effects.

Do I need to refrigerate Evergreen Organix products?  Depending on the product, yes.  Because we do not add preservatives to our recipes, it is important to keep Evergreen Organix baked goods, cannabutter, and coconut oil refrigerated at all times.  Other products, such as fruit chews, candies, chocolate bars, tinctures, cereal treats, honey, and topical products are naturally shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated.

I consumed too much!  What do I do now?  Don’t worry and stay calm!  Accidental overconsumption happens to even the most experienced cannabis users.  Just keep calm, listen to your body, and remember that you will be fine. The best remedy for over consuming cannabis is to rest or sleep it off.  The effects will wear off with time.   Drink water, eat some food, and try to remove yourself from an over-stimulating environment.  If available, try consuming some CBD only products to help balance the high.

If cannabis is accidentally consumed by a child or pet, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

I have never tried edibles before, how much should I take?  New consumers should consume no more that 5mg – 10mg THC in one sitting.

What methods do you use to infuse Evergreen Organix products?  Most of our baked goods are created with solvent-free cannabutter or coconut oil that we produce in house.  Our chocolate and candies are manufactured using CO2 extracted cannabis oil.  CO2 extraction done using pharmaceutical grade equipment using liquid carbon dioxide to isolate cannabinoids from the rest of the cannabis plant material.  This form of extraction is used in many non-cannabis industries such as making essential oils and perfumes, or decaffeinating coffee.  For more information about CO2 extraction, check out this awesome article by High Times®

I just bought an Evergreen Organix product, how much THC is in it?  Potency varies by product, but please refer to the Potency Facts label that is applied to the retail packaging of the product.  The Potency Facts labels contains information such as product serving information, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and production manufacturing data. 

Potency Label

Why does dosing vary batch to batch?  We always dose our products the same in every batch, but many factors can affect potency.  For instance, heat exposure during the baking process can destroy THC and slightly alter the intended results.  Potency can actually fluctuate as much as 15% from what the dosing was intended to be.  While other states have less strict reporting laws and allow for producers to round their potency or report their product to be their intended to dose, Nevada law requires that we report potency precisely as depicted on the lab test report.  This is why our labels report cannabinoid potency down to the hundredth of a milligram.  Because of this reporting requirement, it is nearly impossible to have the exact same potency in every batch.