4 Edibles to Enhance All Your Fall Festivities

As we complete the transition from summer to fall we start looking at new festivities – pumpkin patches, hay rides, bonfires and the like are what many of us live for in the fall. If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping, something that will last for hours without need to “top off” your buzz, then edibles are the way to go.

These four edibles by Evergreen Organix are homemade in small batches by the best of the best and will certainly enhance any of your fall activities.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

When the weather starts cooling off everything seems to turn towards pumpkin, apple and cinnamon flavored everything – and snickerdoodle cookies are already a fall staple for many. Evergreen Organix Snickerdoodles are the soft vanilla cinnamon coated cookies you already love but made with premium cannabis and dosed in both 25 milligram and 100 milligram varieties.

Salted Almond Dark Chocolate

Salted almonds and chocolate are simply a magical pairing on their own – but upgrade to dark chocolate and include a cannabis twist and you get something out of this world. Hand crafted by gourmet chocolatiers Evergreen Organix Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bars are dosed at either 100 milligrams THC or 1:1 CBD.

Cinnamon Cereal Treat

Once again, we turn to the warm fall flavor of cinnamon with Evergreen Organix Cinnamon Cereal Treat. A perfectly blended toasted cinnamon cereal, creamy marshmallow and house made cannabutter, these cinnamon cereal bars are almost necessary to try this fall. Dosed at both 25 milligrams and 100 milligram options these treats are perfect for experienced individuals on their own or to share.

Peanut Butter White Chocolate

A perfect blend of peanut buttery goodness and smooth and creamy white chocolate this candy bar brings a little something different to the table flavor wise. Crafted by experienced chocolatiers and using only premium ingredients from the chocolate to the cannabis and dosed at either 100 milligrams THC or 1:1 CBD, these candy bars are perfect for you to break into multiple sessions or share with friends.

Evergreen Organix line of premium cannabis edibles are available to consumers 21 and older in licensed dispensaries in Nevada. All consumers both new and experienced should consult our Guide to Safe Dosing with Cannabis Edibles to ensure that your experience is everything you expected and more.

Jillian Nelson