6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Ultimate Potheads

6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Ultimate Potheads

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, more so for weed enthusiasts because gift ideas abound in the burgeoning legal marijuana market. Cannabis legalization has grown in leaps and bounds in 2018.

In fact, the new year opened with California joining the list of states that have legalized the drug for both recreational and medical use. As of November 2018, you can legally purchase weed for recreational use in 9 states and Washington, DC, and buy it for medical reasons in another 30 states.

Aside from legislation, public opinion of cannabis has also reached an all-time high as seen in a study by Pew Research Center, which reports that 60 percent of Americans are in favor of the legalization of cannabis. With increased public acceptance and legalization spreading like wildfire, you can bet that you can step up your ganja gift-giving game this year.

 Here’s a list of totally awesome Christmas gifts you can give to your pothead friends who are on another level when it comes to enjoying their stash.

 Let the Good Times Roll

 Rolling papers are an essential item in any pot lover’s arsenal. But just because rolling papers are a basic ingredient to a good high, it doesn’t mean they should be dull and boring. Let the good times roll with rolling papers that are a cut above the rest.

 For the stoner with an adventurous palate, there are rolling papers with a variety of flavors to choose from. Some brands also offer different flavors in one pack, so your friend can have a super fun time trying something new every time they light up.

 For the pothead with posh tastes, go for gold rolling papers. That’s right, do a quick online search, and you’ll find specialty cannabis shops selling 24-karat-gold rolling papers. You can’t get any fancier than that.

 Convenience and Comfort

 If the stoner you are buying a gift for is a pro at pot, then chances are they probably already have a grinder they use to chop buds at home. You can still make them happy this season of giving by making the DIY process more convenient and comfortable for them via an electric grinder.

Instead of the usual manual grinder that takes up considerable time and effort and, not to mention, possibly inconsistent results, this practical gadget can shred buds by bulk in a matter of seconds. They can then use the ground greens to make edibles or roll them into a joint that they can puff away to their heart’s content.

Look around at cannabis shops and online to compare various models, features, and prices. With the different brands available, there’s sure to be an electric grinder for every budget and preference.

Guilt-Free Smoking

From inducing relaxation to improving appetite, the benefits of cannabis are well reported and well-known. But most people seem to overlook what is perhaps its most annoying aspect: the notable smell that comes with smoking marijuana especially indoors. This can be especially problematic for cannabis users living in a state where smoking is not allowed in public or outdoor places or if they share a space with someone who doesn’t smoke.

Help them enjoy guilt-free ganja sessions with a personal smoke eliminator. Your stoner friend simply just blows smoke into this portable device, and it works as a filter that effectively eliminates the odor. The result is a smoke-free and odor-free indoor space. Now your pothead friend can smoke in peace without worrying about nosy neighbors or leaving unwanted smells behind.

Peace of Mind

Yes, weed has seen widespread legalization around the world, but it’s important to remember that drug policies still vary across regions and, especially, workplaces. In fact, some companies in those areas where marijuana is legal may still enforce a zero-tolerance policy and require employees to pass a drug test. So how do you help a smoker friend enjoy weed worry-free? There are many detox products for this prickly situation.

These detox drinks for weed is probably one of the most effective ways to pass a urine drug test. It is easy to prepare and works by cleansing the body of toxins before your work gets the opportunity to bust you for it. Also since how long THC stays in the system vary, detox drinks serve to reduce these timeframes. With this gift, you aren’t just giving the receiver another reason to celebrate this holiday season; you’re giving them peace of mind.

A Trip to the Ultimate Pothead’s Paradise

It’s true that plenty of cities around the world sell pot legally, but Amsterdam has to take the cake for being the ultimate stoner’s mecca. Liberal drug policies and Hollywood movies like Eurotrip and Pulp Fiction have cemented the Dutch city’s reputation as a pothead’s paradise. If you have the cash and the intention to wow a weed-loving friend this Christmas, consider booking them a trip to this amazing city.

Don’t just stop at plane tickets and accommodations; prepare an exciting itinerary filled with various cannabis-related activities they can do in Amsterdam. Ideas include a list of the top-rating coffeeshops where they can try different strains and marijuana products, a relaxing smoke session while boating in the canals of Amsterdam, and a city tour focused on the significant historical figures that made the city’s flourishing drug culture possible.

An Emergency Munchies Kit

Sure, cannabis products and accessories make great gifts, but nothing is more thoughtful than a care package made up of carefully picked food and snack items. Certain cannabis strains are known to boost appetites or cause cravings, known as the munchies, or smokers just swear food tastes better after smoking weed.

Either way, a munchies kit is a wonderful gift to receive this holiday season. Gather all the recipient’s favorite comfort food, and make it a mix of both sweet and salty goodies to satisfy every craving.

For a more creative and personalized touch, find a box with a cutout cover, and print it with the words “In Case of the Munchies, Break Glass.” Attach a multipurpose tool, like a swiss army knife, on the cover, which the recipient can use to “open” the emergency kit. This way, you are actually giving the recipient two gifts in one.

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Jillian Nelson