Using Cannabis to Get Through the Stress of the Holiday Season

From November 1st on we all come to the same realization – the year is almost over. Thanksgiving will come and go before we even realize it’s happened and the next thing we know its time to scramble for last-minute Christmas shopping, party planning and so much more. It’s safe to say that for most people the holiday season is the most hectic, chaotic, and stressful time of year. This year, when you find yourself feeling like you’re at wits end, consider turning to cannabis to help keep your sanity intact.

Choosing a Consumption Method

This will really depend on several things – like how you prefer to consume cannabis, whether you need a longer lasting or a faster-acting buzz and so much more. If you’re preparing for a long day out shopping for your holiday meal or buying presents, then you might find that an edible – which you can eat before even leaving the house – provides more lasting and reliable relief. However, if you’re looking for a way to de-stress after being caught up in the Black Friday sales then you’d probably be better off vaping for more immediate relief.

If You Choose Edibles…

When you choose edibles, you have a large variety of options – but to get you through the day will less stress and still have the energy to be productive you will be best to stick to low dose edibles. Something with 5-10 milligrams should be enough to provide a pleasant and mellow buzz that leaves you able to think outside your stressors – and you can always top off the buzz with an additional edible a few hours later if needed.

Evergreen Organix Canna Cubes and Fruit Chews come dosed perfectly at 5 and 10 milligrams of THC respectively and are perfect for a once or twice daily dose of cannabis to reduce stress.

If You Choose Vaping…

Choosing vaping over edibles is probably the more common option – mostly because the relief is more immediate, and unlike smoking, vaping in public is discrete and easy. You might want to consider a sativa or hybrid strain when you are looking for a cartridge or disposable pen if you are looking for something to keep you relaxed and motivated. However, you can always include an indica, but this is best saved for when you finally get home after a long day of holiday preparations.

The EG.O Vape line includes the EG.O Elite, EG. Puff, and the EG.O Stick when it comes to reusable vapes, which prefilled cartridges are sold for. You may also benefit from a disposable pen, which also comes in sativa, indica and hybrid options.

In the end, holidays are both exciting and stressful – and it started back before Halloween. Now we are in the home stretch of the year – paying off layaway for presents, looking towards preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and soon after, New Years. Don’t let the holiday stress get the better of you – especially not when cannabis can help ease you through these chaotic times!

Jillian Nelson