4 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

When you think of cannabis edibles you likely think of a group of teens or young adults eating pot brownies before a concert – or something along those lines. You might be surprised that there are many benefits to cannabis edibles that we don’t often consider, making low dose edibles a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Antioxidant Rich

We’ve talked previously about how cannabis is rich in antioxidants, providing added benefits from cannabis infused topicals. However, antioxidants aren’t just for the skin – they protect us from things like stress, blood vessel disease and cancer. They are the only defense our bodies have against free radicals. In any form, cannabis is full of antioxidants – but edibles are an easy way to include cannabis in your day-to-day life (especially for only occasional consumers).

Get Essential Vitamins

Normally we don’t think about cannabis as a food itself – but just like any other herb or leafy green it is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. In cannabis plants you’ll find Vitamin K (which helps with blood clotting), Vitamin C (immune health), Iron (oxygenates the blood), Calcium (essential to bone health), and Folate (essential to DNA repair). On top of all that, cannabis is also high in fiber and in edible forms tends to aid in digestion issues.

Curb Nausea

One of the reasons that cannabis is common medicine among cancer patients is to combat pain and nausea – so it might not be too surprising that low dose edibles are all you should need to fight that bought of stomach yuck. If you find yourself feeling sick to your stomach, a cannabis edible will set in within 30-45 minutes and can push that nauseous feeling away, without fear of it returning any time soon.

Reduce Stress Levels

While cannabis is known for being a stress reliever, most people don’t think of cannabis edibles as a way of reducing your stress. However, even in small doses cannabis can crush feelings of stress and anxiety that might have you feeling like you’ll never get anything done. When you start to feel overwhelmed, consider edibles a quick-fix to help you ground yourself again.

The best part about cannabis is that it comes in many forms – and both CBD and THC edibles, as well as those with a 1:1 ratio will all provide these benefits and more. Evergreen Organix offers a full line of cannabis infused edibles, including low dose options like 5 milligram CannaCubes and 10 milligram Fruit Chews which are perfect for daily use or new consumers.

Jillian Nelson