Is Vaping Cannabis More Effective than Smoking It?

Years ago, no one thought twice about lighting up a joint or hitting a glass or metal pipe – but these days we know that it is not the most effective way to consume cannabis. In fact, while it is not dangerous when compared to smoking cigarettes for example, it is certainly not the safest form of ingestion, though it is still the most popular.

In recent years however, many people have turned to vaping as a safer and surprisingly more effective alternative – especially patients who needed more immediate relief than edibles but are not comfortable with smoking. Vaporizing cannabis is simple, and it’s rather discrete as well since the most common vaporizers for cannabis look just like the ones used with any e-liquid.

Vapor is Safer than Smoke

Those who still prefer smoke over vapor may not like hearing this – but 85 percent of the smoke inhaled when you hit a joint or bong is non-cannabinoid carcinogens like carbon monoxide. While enough THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes make it into your bloodstream to create a buzz, you may be surprised at the difference when you try vaporizing the same strain.

Less Toxins and More Cannabinoids

When you choose to vaporize not only are you skipping all those potentially harmful carcinogens, but you’re also getting a lot more cannabinoids and terpenes in return. 95 percent of cannabinoids in cannabis are inhaled through vapor – compared to the 15 percent inhaled through smoking. This is why vaporizing the same strain can produce a more intense high – and why many patients prefer vaping to smoking when looking for relief.

More Customizable Experience

Not only do you get a purer experience when you vaporize cannabis – but you also have the opportunity to customize your experience if you have a good enough vaporizer. Some vapes come with temperature control – which is perfect for patients looking to find specific effects, or consumers who want to customize their buzz to fit their current activities.

Certain cannabinoids and terpenes are activated at different temperatures – so you can purposely activate cannabinoids based on your needs (productivity vs winding down for example).

Evergreen Organix offers a line of both reusable and disposable vaporizers and refill cartridges to fit all your needs. While don’t offer temperature control you can still customize your experience by choosing an indica or sativa cartridge (or both so you can alternate from day to night) with either 250 or 500 milligrams.