Why All Marijuana Smokers Should Take a Tolerance Break Once in a While

There are many reasons that you may be considering taking a break from your regular cannabis consumption – but the main reason people make this decision is because their tolerance has become too high and it is taking much more to achieve the same buzz as before. This happens with any substance we consume on a regular basis – alcohol, medications, cannabis – the reason being our bodies get used to having this substance being there.

Reasons You Might Want to take a Break from Toking

However, aside from simply trying to lower your tolerance, there are many other good reasons you should take a break every now and then. Whether it be to help you save money for something more important in the long-term – like a car, house or a vacation – or simply because you don’t feel you’ve been as productive as you could be, everyone can benefit from a short (or extended) break from regular cannabis consumption.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is easier said than done – making it difficult to take a meaningful break. While a 24-hour “fast” where you don’t consume any cannabis might be good enough to bring your tolerance down some, it won’t have the same effect as going say, a week or even a month without toking.

Taking a Successful Tolerance Break from Cannabis

There are some tips for anyone who is consciously trying to take a tolerance break – and the first is to finish off any cannabis you currently have, then, don’t buy any more until after your break. If you don’t have anything to smoke, you will have to make the conscious effort to go out and get it – which gives you a chance to think things through and decide if you should wait a little while longer before going back to your regular routine.

You should also make sure to tell your friends – who you likely toke with regularly – because they can support you, and possibly even take a tolerance break with you. You might be surprised that many of your friends have considered the same – but no one wants to be the only friend in the group who can’t partake in the smoking circle. Having a group of people working to abstain from something together – whether it be cannabis, alcohol or even something as simple as soda or sweets – it will be easier than trying to do it on your own.

The Benefits of Taking a Cannabis Tolerance Break

The best part about taking a tolerance break is when that break is over – and you spark up for the first time or eat that first edible – and the experience after a few weeks to a month is almost as though you were consuming cannabis for the first time all over again.

The intensity will have returned, with much less needed to get you there. If you’re celebrating the end of your tolerance break with an edible, keep in mind that you likely won’t need as much as you used to for it to be effective. Always be mindful, safe and cautious when consuming edibles or more potent strains – especially if you’ve just returned after a tolerance break.