Pros and Cons of Choosing Edibles Over Vaping or Smoking

When it comes to consuming cannabis there is no shortage when it comes to alternative ways to enjoy the plant. While the most common way to consume cannabis is still to pack it up in a bowl or bong or roll it up in a joint or blunt to be smoked, more and more health-conscious consumers are looking for safer alternatives to smoking.

One of the most popular – and oldest – alternatives in cannabis culture is to add the THC filled plant to something you are eating. Back in the day this often meant grinding up your bud as fine as possible and adding it to the batter or dough for a baked good like brownies or cookies – but now with options like Evergreen Organix Homemade Cannabutter or Coconut Oil you can make much healthier recipes and still add the desired amount of THC.

However, that doesn’t mean that edibles are always the right option – so to determine whether you should be considering edibles over vaping or smoking, here is a simple pros and cons list to help you make your decision.

Pros of Choosing Edibles

Longer Lasting Buzz – One of the biggest benefits of edibles is the fact that the high you experience often lasts much longer than the high experienced when smoking or vaping. On average the high from an edible can last a few hours or more.

Healthier than Smoking – This is the reason that many medical marijuana patients choose edibles over smoking. Rather than inhaling harsh smoke you simply eat a sweet treat or a portion of your favorite food cooked with THC infused butter or oil and within an hour you should be good to go for a while.

A More Intense Experience – This is both a pro and a con – but we’re listing it as a pro since many consumers prefer the more intense experience that edibles can provide. The reason for this is THC changes after it is processed in the liver, creating a much more potent version of the cannabinoid that – with proper caution – can create a memorable experience for the right reasons.

Cons of Choosing Edibles

Wait for Onset of Effects – One of the biggest drawbacks to edibles is the long wait for the onset of effects, compared to smoking or vaping where the effects take hold almost immediately after exhaling. Since you have to wait for the cannabis to be digested and processed by your body before it can enter your bloodstream, edibles will take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to take effect.

Less Control Over Dosage – This links directly to the previous con as the long wait to start feeling the effects of the cannabis can be frustrating both for recreational and medicinal consumers. It can also lead to a higher chance of “overdosing” and ending up way too high if one doesn’t wait at least an hour before consuming more cannabis. Edibles are one of the biggest reasons that new consumers end up having a bad experience the first time around.

What is Right for You?

Hopefully this list has helped you decide what method of consumption is right for you. Edibles are something that should always be approached with caution – especially once with a higher THC concentration that are meant to be broken up between friends or eaten in more than one sitting. That’s why we put together this Guide to Safe Dosing with Cannabis Edibles – as well as these tips for if you find that you’ve eaten too much THC.

Safe and smart consumption is key to an enjoyable experience with cannabis edibles – but if you’re looking for immediate effects or accurate dosage then you may want to consider vaping as another safe alternative to smoking.

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