5 Ultimate Birthday Gift Ideas for Any Stoner

It seems like when it comes to birthdays gift ideas can be endless for some people while with other people we find ourselves completely stumped. Luckily, if you’re friend or family member is a 420-friendly kind of person and you live in a state where cannabis is legal, your options just opened up a whole lot more.

Evergreen Organix offers a growing line of cannabis infused edibles, topicals and vape products in Nevada, and will be soon found in dispensaries in other states as well. However, out of all the products currently available, here are our 5 picks for the Ultimate Stoner Birthday gift.

Cookies and Cream Cereal Treat

Cookies and Cream is a classic and much-loved flavor, bringing us the often nostalgic flavor of Oreo cookies dunked in milk – and this THC infused cereal treat mixes that flavor with another childhood favorite, the Rice Crispy treat. Evergreen Organix Cookies and Cream Cereal Treats are available in both 25 milligram and 100 milligram options.

EG.O Elite

This all-inclusive starter kit is perfect for any stoner who is a fan of vaping. The EG.O Elite is a 3-in-1 reusable and rechargeable vaporizer, and comes with attachments to accommodate your preference whether it be wax, oil or flower. This vape allows for more customization that more basic pens and fits all Evergreen Organix refill cartridges.

Mint Chocolate Bar

Mint chocolate is another classic flavor – refreshing and a perfect fit for any sweet tooth craving. Always made in small batches by gourmet chocolatiers this candy bar features premium dark chocolate and is available in 100 milligram THC and 1:1 CBD options.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

A classic cookie that always hits the spot, Evergreen Organix Snickerdoodles offer a taste of childhood with a cannabis twist. Made from scratch with premium ingredients, these vanilla and cinnamon sugar cookies make for a memorable edible cannabis experience and come in 25 milligram and 100 milligram options.

EG.O Stick

While the EG.O Elite offers a long-term vape and multiple options on how to consume cannabis, you may want something less expensive or less involved. The EG.O Stick is an excellent disposable vape that comes in 250 milligram THC with both indica and sativa varieties available, as well as a 10:1 CBD ratio version.

Finding the right birthday gift may seem difficult, but when your friend is a stoner, it doesn’t have to be! These 5 are only the beginning of the possibilities for the ultimate stoner birthday gift that is offered by Evergreen Organix.

Jillian Nelson