Cannabis Gives Organic Lip Balm an Antioxidant Boost

When it comes to skin care one of the most overlooked necessities is a good lip balm. Protecting your lips should be just as important as protecting the rest of our skin – if not more important since the lips are one of the most sensitive and susceptible to damage from environmental causes like sun and dry weather. Most people don’t think twice about buying a regular old tube of Chapstick at a convenience or grocery store – but these commercial brands often contain potentially harmful ingredients and do very little to naturally protect or soften your lips.

Natural skin care products are becoming more popular and for good reason – while commercial brands claim to heal your chapped lips, they generally do little to aid in the healing process. Organic lip balms avoid using petroleum and often incorporate essential oils for healing and soothing effects that are simply not available in the common drug store Chapstick.

If you’re looking for the ultimate organic lip balm to help combat chapped lips, then look no further than the Evergreen Organix Lavender Mint Lip Balm. This petroleum-free lip balm is crafted using only the finest premium ingredients and combines soothing essential oils like Lavender and Peppermint with Vitamin E and cannabis will both help heal your chapped lips and prevent the damage from happening again.

Before you ever find yourself in need of soothing chapped lips you can make efforts to prevent it from happening in the first place. According to Dr. David Bank, MD (Founder and Director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery), your skin heals better when it’s kept moist – and lip balm is an excellent way to keep your lips hydrated. Not only can hydration prevent chapped lips, it can also prevent signs of aging – and with the aided benefit of antioxidant rich cannabis Evergreen Organix Lip Balm is the perfect option for cannabis lovers looking for a quality organic Chapstick.

Cannabis is an excellent addition to any skin care routine – Evergreen Organix offers cannabis topicals to suit all your needs from moisturizing (Avocado Lemongrass Face and Body Cream), to pain relief (even an oil specifically for menstrual relief) and massage oils to both help you relax and enhance your most intimate encounters. These products and more are available in licensed Nevada dispensaries to consumers 21 or older and medical marijuana card holders.

Jillian Nelson