Could Cannabis Improve Your Relationship with your Partner?

In the past we’ve looked at the possible link between cannabis use and an increased likelihood of having sex. However, we all know that while sex is an important factor in any long-term relationship, it certainly isn’t everything. Compatibility comes down to a lot more than pleasing each other in the bedroom – and for many happy couples, cannabis is one of those common interests.

Improve Your Sex Life

We already know that regular cannabis users have roughly 20 percent more sex than those who report never using the herb. We also know that whether you smoke a bowl before you do the deed or if you are using a product like Evergreen Organix Intimate Massage Oil, cannabis can certainly heighten your senses and create a far more intense experience.

But could cannabis help improve your relationship in other areas as well?

Bond While Making Munchies Together

If either of you is someone who likes to cook already, consider spending some time together cooking dinner – but add some weed to make things more fun. There’s nothing like puffing away on a bowl or vape, as the munchies start to set in you will likely get more creative with whatever dish or dessert you’ve decided on.

Laughter is Good for the Soul

Cannabis is known for leaving us euphoric and giggly – and simply put, laughter is good for the soul. Laughing together is one of the best ways to release endorphins with your significant other without being in a sexual setting. So, spark up a joint, share an edible or pass that vape pen back and forth while watching a comedy special or a classic stoner favorite like Harold and Kumar, Half Baked, or Grandma’s Boy and laugh together for a couple of hours.

Have Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Depending on the strain, cannabis can both make you very talkative and inquisitive – which is what gave way to meme’s like the “high thoughts” collections. Known for leaving you open minded, enhancing creativity and inspiring deep thought cannabis has certainly led to many heavy conversations.

If you’re finding that you haven’t really been connecting lately, or there is a serious matter that seems scary to approach, including a little smoke session along with your conversation can make it both easier and far more productive – if you don’t find yourself off topic for too long.

When you are using cannabis responsibly, there are many ways that it can be beneficial to your relationship from improving your sex life to getting through tough conversations.

Jillian Nelson