4 Ways to Utilize Cannabis to Make Your Life Better

Often, we think about cannabis as a recreational habit used to relax, smoking a bowl or a blunt after work is the equivalent of having a beer or a drink when you get home. However, cannabis is much more than a way to have fun, kick back and relax after the work day is over. The medicinal benefits of the plant are becoming more well-known than ever – and it’s not just patients with chronic conditions that can better their lives from these benefits.

Include Cannabis Topicals for Skin Care

We’ve talked about cannabis in skin care multiple times now – so we know that it’s not just the THC and CBD our skin gets out of it. Cannabis is rich in antioxidants that help our skin repair itself and keeps it looking younger. This is a benefit for anyone, younger or older, cannabis topicals will have a positive impact on your skin.

Use Microdosing or Low Dose Edibles to Beat Stress

When the stresses of daily life become too much to handle it can seem like there is no way out and no way to handle everything that is happening. Microdosing – or low dose edibles that can keep you lightly buzzing throughout the day – could be the best way for you to avoid feeling overwhelmed so you can keep getting things done.

Reduce Your Flower Consumption with Edibles

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer then one problem you might run into from time to time is the fact that you’re consuming more and more on a regular basis. This is often when we would suggest taking a tolerance break – but for patients who rely on cannabis as a medicine to keep them going each day this isn’t always possible. However, turning to edibles can provide longer lasting relief and you won’t need to medicate with flower as often.

Replace OTC Pain Killers with Cannabis

Even those of us who try to stay away from over-the-counter pain killers like Tylenol, ibuprofen and aspirin, end up taking them from time to time. This can be avoided however, by turning to cannabis for pain relief instead. This can be done in a variety of ways, like localized relief for aching joints through topicals – day long relief through edibles, or immediate relief for pains like headaches through vaping.

There are three main ways to consume cannabis aside from smoking it – edibles, vaping and topical application. Evergreen Organix offers a wide variety of products to fit your needs with a line of unique edibles, topicals and vapes available to consumers 21 and older or who hold a valid medical marijuana ID card in their state. You can find dispensaries near you featuring the Evergreen Organix products using WeedMaps.com!

Jillian Nelson