How You Can Use Cannabis to Spice Up Your Sex Life

When you’ve been together a long time, sometimes things can start to get… stale, routine or even boring. Initially you were probably all over one another and couldn’t get enough of each other – and now things seem like they are starting to fall flat.

This can lead to less interest in sex and intimate moments – which can lead one or both partners feeling inadequate, unattractive, unwanted and unloved. What you might not expect, is that cannabis could be just what you need to bring you and your significant other back to the bedroom wanting more.

We have talked in the past about how cannabis can make your intimate encounters more pleasurable. According to scientific studies cannabis users are more relaxed, emotional and euphoric – which is the best way to feel before your intimate encounters.

For this kind of relaxation share a joint or hit a bowl a couple of times while getting yourselves “in the mood” so to speak and you might find that things just flow more naturally, without always falling into the same routine.

Another benefit – and probably the best for “spicing things up” – is the increased sensitivity that often comes along with cannabis use. While you get some of this experience simply from being high when you go to have sex, according to some couples, it doesn’t even compare to the ecstasy felt when choosing a topical cannabis oil that is meant to be used in the bedroom.

Using cannabis infused topicals on those most sensitive areas have been described as “mind blowing” when it comes to climaxing, for example. This is by far the most creative and likely enjoyable way to bring cannabis into the bedroom to keep things feeling lively.

If you have been feeling like things need a change, but aren’t quite sure what that change is, then cannabis could be what you need to get on the right track again, so to speak. You may remember a long while back we talked about have couples who use cannabis have more sex – which is exactly what you’re hoping for.

When you’re trying to bring some spark back into your relationship, cannabis could be far more beneficial than you had imagined. Evergreen Organix offers an Intimate Massage Oil that is THC-infused and fragrance-free, created specifically for use on the most sensitive areas – and it could be just what you need to breathe a breath of fresh into your relationship.


Jillian Nelson