Cannabis and Fitness: 7 Reasons Why It Is A Thing?

Guest Blog Post by Kathy T. Cooley

Guest Blog Post by Kathy T. Cooley

Exercising is an indispensable part of our everyday life to ensure that we stay fit and healthy. But, many a time, exercise is too slow in giving out the desired effects or comes with a lot of pain and soreness that exercising the next day is next to impossible.

So, Is there a way out?

Nowadays, with the increasing acceptance of cannabis, there has been much research on the relationship between cannabis and fitness. Many anecdotal instances have shown some positive correlation between the two. In this article, we shall explore how there can be a connection between cannabis and fitness.

#1 Cannabis helps to focus

A recent study on mice has shown that a small daily dose of cannabis actually increases memory and other cognitive functions. There is also much anecdotal evidence to show that people can focus better and perform better in their workout sessions after consuming a small amount of cannabis. What it basically does is to calm down the mind, so that anxiety and negative thoughts are away. Even the thought of not meeting the daily workout targets will be warded off, helping you to stay focused on the exercise and nothing else. Strains like master kush are proven to help in anxiety and stress.

#2 Cannabis enhances mindfulness

Cannabis has certain compounds that make us more alert (or mindful in the aesthetic sense). You become more aware of your breathing, sensations on the body, heartbeat, etc. This helps a lot for the outdoor workouts because it involves a lot of monotonous exercises (like the same route for running), which, after some time, becomes quite boring and demotivating.

A small amount of cannabis can make the body more alert, thus activating the senses to the optimum. This keeps you from being bored and you will enjoy every moment you are with nature, thus enhancing your mind-body connection. This helps to make outdoor exercise fun and interesting, thus giving you an upper hand in staying fit.

#3 Cannabis helps in Recovery after a tiring workout

With exercise routines come the sore muscles and with the sore muscles come the irregular workout sessions and then ultimately the full stop to the exercise routine. Does cannabis help to cope with these?

Yes, according to recent studies. When it comes to pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of the Canadian domestic steroids help to relieve post-workout pain, at least when applied topically. Even steroids like Canadian domestic steroids, which are usually used for muscle building also reduce the post-workout pain to a considerable extent.

Studies have shown that Cannabis helps in recovery after a sporting event, promoting sleep and reducing anxiety. It increases risk-taking capacity so that you push yourself to the maximum during the workout.

#4 Improves Oxygen circulation in the body

Studies have shown that small doses of cannabis have a bronchodilator effect, which helps in dilating the bronchi, thus resulting in less resistance in the respiratory system. This helps in larger intake of oxygen while working out, resulting in lesser fatigue and longer workout sessions. This, combined with the pain killing property of cannabis, is of great help to athletes, who constantly push the boundaries of their physical capabilities, without much pain and fatigue.

#5 Cannabis Instead of Alcohol

A relaxing alcohol party after a strenuous sports event or a week of regular exercise schedule is something that most fitness enthusiasts look forward to. But, alcohol has a detrimental effect on their health in the long term and also their cognitive abilities, which is a fact that the studies have already established. Is there a replacement for alcohol in this regard?

Cannabis, according to many fitness enthusiasts like Bethany Rae, might become an effective replacement for alcohol in the parties. What more, regular consumption of cannabis in measured amounts has reduced her alcohol intake in the parties. This reduces the ill effects of alcohol on the health and helps to focus more on the fitness routine.

#6 Cannabis aids in weight loss

Studies have shown that Cannabis increases the body weight of the underweight individuals and not of the individuals of normal weight.

Some other studies have also shown that obesity is much less present in regular cannabis consumers than the non-consumers. Does cannabis burn fat? This is something that only research can answer. This might also be due to the effects of cannabis on vital processes like appetite, thus reducing food intake. Cannabis also increases metabolism. This brings us to the next point.

#7 Cannabis increases metabolism

We all have that one friend who never becomes fat, whatever he/she eats. This means that his/her metabolism is highly functional though there are exceptions. Metabolism is just that – the process of using up the stored fuels of the body (fat in this case) for the vital processes.

A 1978 study has shown that cannabis has stimulatory effects on metabolism when smoked. So, cannabis, when consumed in small amounts, does stimulate the metabolic reactions in the body.

If you are considering growing your own cannabis for domestic consumption, make sure you go through comprehensive marijuana guides so that you get to know what strain is suitable for your needs and how to maximize the cannabis yield.

Without any doubt, studies have shown that cannabis has all the potential to become an effective aid to your fitness plans, thus helping you to achieve your fitness goals. You can easily avail cannabis from any marijuana dispensary near you.





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