Are Edibles Healthier than Smoking Cannabis?

When it comes to introducing cannabis as a part of your health and well-being rather than just a recreational substance you might be considering a healthier consumption method than smoking. While vaping is usually the alternative most use for smoking it’s not for everyone – and you might be considering edibles instead, but are they healthier than smoking?

No Stress on Your Throat or Lungs

One benefit of edibles is that there is no stress at all on your throat or lungs from consumption. Rather than harsh smoke or vapor that you inhale, hold and then exhale – usually ending with coughing that irritates your throat – you can simply eat a small treat and wait a little bit for your buzz to kick in. That is a downside however, the fact that where smoking is nearly insta-buzz – there is a slight delay between eating an edible and the onset of effects.

A Much Higher Calorie Count

A downside to edibles that makes them just as unhealthy as smoking is the fact that most edibles are made in the form of sweets of some sort. Whether it be chocolates, gummies, cookies, brownies or rice crispy treats, all those calories add up in the end – and will have to be counted as a snack for anyone who is seriously dieting.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Both

You must understand both the good and bad of choosing edibles over smoking. The benefits are that it is certainly healthier than inhaling smoke or vapor all the time and the longer lasting buzz. On the other hand, there are factors that make it a tough choice for regular consumption – like the fact that there is a delay in the onset of your buzz, or the fact that edibles (which could lead to munchies) contribute to your daily calorie count.

If you are consuming cannabis for recreational purposes, then you may just want to go with the one that creates a buzz you prefer – and consider vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. However, if you are a medical marijuana patient you will likely want to choose the method that provides you with the most relief possible.

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Jillian Nelson