5 Cannabis Edibles to Help You Kick Back and Relax

This is one of the perfect times of year for being out in nature – backpacking, camping and more are all great activities for spring and fall time when weather is at it’s best. In the end whether you are going out and enjoying nature or kicking back in front of your TV or laptop in your free time, it can certainly be enjoyed that much more with a little added kick from THC. These edibles are perfect sweet tooth fixes that offer a decent dose of THC – either enough for an experienced consumer, or enough to share depending on the treat.

Coconut Chocolate Macaroons

A cookie flavor that is a favorite to many, Coconut Chocolate Macaroons are a perfect THC infused snack available in 25 milligram and 100 milligram varieties. Made from scratch with premium ingredients these sweet coconut flakes and premium chocolate make for a flavor experience that you’re not likely to forget any time soon – with a potency dosed for individuals or for sharing.

Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar

A blend of crunch almond pieces and salted dark chocolate these carefully hand-crafted gourmet edibles are a perfect cannabis infused treat. Made in small batches by gourmet chocolatiers to ensure quality, taste and consistent dosing these Salted Almond Dark Chocolate bars are available in 100 milligram and 1:1 CBD options – both of which are perfect for sharing or breaking into multiple sessions.

Fruit Cereal Treat

The classic taste of a rice crispy cereal treat is one that we all know and love, that can take you back to childhood in seconds. The same goes for fruity and sugary children’s cereals – so combining the two with this Fruit Cereal Treat was a brilliant move by Evergreen Organix, who offers the delicious cereal treat that uses creamy marshmallow and house made cannabutter for the cereal treats, dosed at 25 and 100 milligrams.

Milk Chocolate Crispy Crunch Bar

A milk chocolate favorite, the Crispy Crunch bar is a perfect balance of crunch and chocolatey goodness – with just enough THC to ensure a relaxing time after it kicks in. With the classic crispy candy bar flavor and a blissful cannabis experience this is a candy bar that all cannabis consumers will want to get to try at some point.

Fruit Chews

Classic gumdrop candies are a favorite of many of us – especially when they are coated in sugar and offer a THC infused twist. Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews are made 100 percent from scratch with premium ingredients – never sprayed or soaked in THC but rather infused naturally with the fruit puree, made by gourmet confection makers. These gummies are dosed at 10 milligrams per gum drop and 50 milligrams per package – making them perfect for sharing amongst a group of less experienced consumers.

These sweet treats and more from Evergreen Organix are available to consumers 21 and older or who hold a valid medical marijuana card, only in licensed dispensaries in Nevada and a handful of other states. Use WeedMaps.com to locate Evergreen Organix line of premium edibles in a dispensary near you!

Jillian Nelson