Forget PMS with these Healing Cannabis Essentials

For most women nothing is worse than knowing that you’re coming up on that time of month. Time to endure cramping, tiredness, cravings and irritability for a minimum of three to five days, with some of women suffering for up to a week each cycle. Rather than treating your PMS with a combination of Midol, chocolate ice cream and a heating pad, consider a potentially more effective alternative.

Menstrual Relief Oil

Cannabis products have proven beneficial for women with debilitating period symptoms – which is why Evergreen Organix created their menstrual relief oil. The oil is meant to be used even in the most sensitive places – able to be used on a tampon for relief that starts internally – attacking the pain locally, directly at the source.

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

For most women on their period it is hard to go wrong with chocolate – which is why these double chocolate chunk brownies are the perfect edible while you’re on your period. The rich chocolate flavors and delicious brownie taste and texture will help fill your cravings – while providing some THC to help reduce pain and mood swings.

Fruit Chews

If you find that you often have period symptoms that persist on and off throughout the day – even after medicating with a topical or edible early in the day – then fruit chews would be the perfect way to keep the relief going. These low dose edibles will keep the relief flowing, without leaving you too far intoxicated to handle your day-to-day life.

Dark Chocolate Bar

Another option aside from the brownies that will both provide relief and meet that chocolate craving is the dark chocolate bar. This is a rich and smooth dark chocolate, infused with THC by gourmet chocolatiers. A bar dosed at 100 or 500 milligrams is perfect for keeping in your purse or desk to break off throughout the day as needed. This also comes in a 1:1 CBD option for those who prefer the topicals for their lack of psychoactive effects and would prefer something with less THC.

These Evergreen Organix products and a full line of both edibles and topicals are available in dispensaries to adults 21 and older, as well as medical marijuana patients with valid state issued ID. Use to locate Evergreen Organix topicals and edibles in a dispensary near you!

Jillian Nelson