Drop Anxiety at the Door with These Relaxing Strains

Sometimes, the stresses of life are too much – and that doesn’t just go for people who have a medical diagnosis, anyone can suffer from anxiety from time to time. This is all the more reason that natural alternatives to prescription treatments are an excellent option, especially for those who suffer from only mild or occasional anxiety. Whether you have occasional stress induced anxiety or chronic and debilitating anxiety, you’re likely to find relief with these relaxing and euphoric strains.

Island Sweet Skunk

You must be careful when picking a sativa strain for anxiety – but Island Sweet Skunk is one of the best choices you could make when looking for a daytime medicine. Known for its calming and euphoric effects and fruity flavors, along with an elevated CBD content (which will prevent paranoia that sometimes comes with a strong sativa), this strain is perfect for crushing stress.

Girl Scout Cookies

A sativa leaning hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies – also known as GSC – is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid. It is known for a full-body relaxation and a time-altering mental relaxation (tends to make things feel slowed down) and is most often used to treat severe pain, nausea, appetite less and stress related anxiety.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain has been around the block a few times since its introduction in 2003 and it quickly rose to popularity around the country for its grape and berry aroma and oversized resinous buds as much as its potent effects. This is an indica strain and best used in the evenings and at night and is known for combatting stress, anxiety and inducing euphoria and relaxation.


When you’re looking for a strain to end your anxiety sometimes your best bet is a high CBD strain like Harlequin – which is a mostly sativa dominant strain that has a 5:2 CBD:THC ratio. This makes this strain perfect for both treating pain and anxiety without the usual effects of marijuana that can be unpleasant to some.

Banana Kush

A cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze this strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is best known for its flavor and aroma which boasts fresh bananas. This strain is known for a mellow buzz and a sense of euphoria and helping to stimulate creativity and even aiding in keeping you talkative in a social situation. If you’re looking for something flavorful and able to crush anxiety Banana Kush is it.

Beastmode OG

As the name suggests, Beastmode OG is a strain that will help you combat stress and enjoy an elevated mood that will certainly get you through the day. With a nice balance of indica and sativa effects this strain is an interesting hybrid that is relatively powerful but extremely relaxing.

Jillian Nelson