How Many Hits Should You Get from Your Vape Cartridge?

A common question for those who are new to vaping is how long should your THC or CBD oil cartridge last you? The truth is this question has no exact answer as there are a lot of factors that play into how far your specific cartridge will go. You will need to consider factors like the wattage of your battery, the viscosity of the oil or wax in the cartridge, how high the heat settings go and how big of a puff you usually take. For this reason, some people go through dozens of cartridges in the same time it will take someone else with a similar tolerance to go through just a few.

Understanding How Your Battery Affects the Life of Your Cartridge

You might be unaware, but the battery you are using will make a big difference in how long your cartridge can be expected to last. Not only will having a higher wattage battery decrease the lifespan of the battery itself (requiring you charge it more often) but it will also affect the life of your cartridge. Higher wattage pens are usually meant to atomize at a higher temperature than lower wattage pens – the higher the temperature the more you will “burn off” in a single hit.

How Viscosity of the Oil or Wax Plays Its Part

This might seem obvious, but the thickness of your oil or wax is going to play a significant role in how fast your cartridge will last. In most cases, a thinner liquid like look to the oil will mean it burns off slower – while denser oils will likely need to heat longer or at a higher temperature to create the desired vapor, therefore using more in each hit. Another factor to consider is what the substance in you vape pen is – as there are several different types of extracts that go into the making of vape pen caps.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Personal Vaping Style

Again, it might seem obvious, but your experience with the same cartridge could be completely different than someone else’s. This could be for several reasons, but the battery you have, the heat setting you choose, how long you inhale, all plays its part in creating the hit that gets your head in that perfect mindset. However, the number of times you’re able to do this will certainly vary from strain to strain and from person to person. Higher temperatures, longer hits, these things are guaranteed to go through your gram cartridge faster than anticipated.

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Jillian Nelson