A Natural Sweet Tooth Fix: Cannabis Fruit Chews

We recently brought you a guide to dosing with cannabis edibles – which explained how you can ensure avoiding having the sort of unpleasant experience that would land you in an emergency room after eating too much THC.

Now that you have an understanding about safe dosing of cannabis – start low and go slow – you’re probably interested in trying it out for yourself. If you’re looking for a delicious treat that will sooth your sweet tooth, but that comes in the perfect dose for a first-time edible user, then you will want to get your hands on Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews.

These fruit chews are everything you would expect from a classic fruit jelly, but with a special kick to it in the form of THC. Each sugar-coated fruit chew is dosed at 10mg of THC, so for a first time or occasional consumer, a single fruit chew should be all you need to start feeling the relaxing effects of cannabis edibles.

Veteran consumers and medical patients may find that they prefer to start with two – but it allows you to have the option of adding another small dose in an hour or two if your first dose wasn’t quite what you expected.

Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews are made 100 percent from scratch, using premium, all-natural ingredients, including real fruit puree, and are made by a team of gourmet confection makers.

The treats contain no gelatin, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and are vegan friendly – making them the perfect treat for just about anyone looking to medicate and satiate their sweet tooth all in one go.

They come in flavors like mango, lemon, blue raspberry, strawberry banana, and watermelon – and each pack comes with 5 drops (50mg per pack).

While some cannabis gummies and fruit snacks are soaked or sprayed with cannabis oil to get the desired potency of THC or in some cases CBD, that is never the case with Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews. All our edibles are made in small batches, watched closely from start to finish, and each product is individually tested prior to being put on shelves for sale – all to ensure that each product is dosed exactly as it is expected.

In this case, that means that every gum drop candy will always be 10mg, making it perfect for the beginner consumer, or for on-going dosing throughout the day by medical patients.


Jillian Nelson