How Cannabis Can Make Your Intimate Encounters More Pleasurable

In recent years, as people have become far more open and accepting of cannabis use, many new types of cannabis products have hit the market. One of the most popular new uses for marijuana, is during sex. For decades people have claimed that smoking marijuana, or consuming it, before having sex enhanced the experience, making it intensely more pleasurable than it already would have been. Now there are products on the market that are aimed at doing just that.

Considering the lack of research available on cannabis ability to treat major health concerns like cancer, it is not a surprise to find out that there is very little research on the effects of cannabis on sex. However, just like most medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests cannabis can have the potential to make your next intimate encounter better than ever.

The Science Behind Cannabis and Sex

According to an informal poll by Psychology Today, 67 percent of respondents felt that cannabis enhanced their sex lives, while 20 percent claimed that it entirely depended on the strain. Similarly, a 1984 study cited by Psychology Daily found cannabis users to have an increased libido after smoking.

One study found that users are more relaxed, euphoric, and emotional – and that cannabis users claimed their perception of time felt stretched. All of this adds up to the potential for a more pleasurable intimate experience when smoking cannabis, from increasing libido before foreplay, to a relaxed, uniquely sensitive encounter that feels like it lasts longer than it does.

So, if smoking cannabis can do all this, what exactly do intimacy oils and lubricants infused with THC do to make so many couples turn to them to enhance their intimate encounters?

Expect Increased Sensitivity

The main reason that cannabis intimacy oils and lubricants are so popular is because their use often results in an extreme increase in sensitivity. This will likely lead to increased moisture, and enhanced orgasms – that are often described as “mind blowing” by those who have used these sorts of products. Increased sensitivity will depend on how much of the topical is used, and some women find that they have better luck experimenting solo, rather than with a partner – though for the best experience foreplay and intercourse usually the end goal for most couples.

For couples who are looking for something to spice things up, cannabis intimacy oils may be just what you’re looking for. Formulated for direct application to the most sensitive areas to enhance your experience, Evergreen Organix Intimate Massage Oil is the perfect treat for you and your partner this Valentines Day.

Jillian Nelson