When is Vaping the Right Choice?

If you’re new to vaping, then you might not be sure when to switch things up from your usual routine. Whether your preferred consumption method is smoking or edibles, vaping can be a great way to experience cannabis thanks to the multitude of options that goes along with vaping.  

Depending on the type of vaporizer you have you might have options that let you choose different temperatures, and even gives you the choice between oils, waxes and dry herbs. If you’re trying to decide when you should be utilizing your new vape pen, consider these as ideal times to do so.

When You’re Looking for an Alternative to Smoking

Really, any time you want to consume cannabis is a good time to choose a vaporizer. If you’ve been smoking bud for years, then it might be time to switch to vaping more regularly. Smoking, even cannabis, can be rough on your throat. Vaping doesn’t cause the same irritation and provides a cleaner buzz without the carcinogens that come along with smoking.

When You Need Immediate Pain Relief

Even if you’re not someone with a chronic pain condition, you can still leave the over-the-counter pain killers behind and replace it with cannabis when you are in pain. This could be a headache or joint or muscle pain from overdoing it or just about anything – a few puffs from a vape pen with the right strain will certainly alleviate the pain relatively quickly and leave you feeling relaxed too.

When You’re Trying to be Discrete with Your Consumption

Another reason that people love vape pens is the discreteness that they provide. Whether you are out and about or sitting on your porch, being discrete can be important – plus your neighbors might not appreciate the thick smoke from a joint, blunt or pipe. Many people also enjoy the fact that vapor doesn’t linger in the air and the smell isn’t usually as skunky as smoke from whole plant cannabis when it’s smoked.

Evergreen Organix offers a full line of both vape pens – in rechargeable and disposable options – and pre-filled cartridges.

You can choose the pen that is right for you, if you need something versatile that can switch from dry herb to concentrates or if you want one that has a temperature gauge to find that perfect buzz, Evergreen Organix has you covered. You can also choose from sativa, indica and hybrid options for both cartridges and prefilled disposable vapes so you can have the right strain for any occasion from getting things done at work or around the house to lounging in the evenings.

Jillian Nelson