Treat Yourself to a Stoner Classic with Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Pot brownies – they’re a classic stoner treat and they’re something that no cannabis consumer should go without trying at least once. While we have grown far past old school brownies – candies, cookies and cereal bars name only a few popular cannabis edibles – that doesn’t mean that classic flavor should be lost. Grinding up bud and tossing it into your batter is hardly done anymore, but cannabis brownies are as delicious and popular as ever.

Chocolate and cannabis have been paired together for decades – with the first published recipe combining the two having been published back in 1954. The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook included a recipe for “haschich fudge,” which became known eventually just as “brownies” which one day led into the cannabis infused brownies we know and love in today’s modern cannabis culture.

Where you once had to be willing to undertake the project of figuring out the logistics of baking with cannabis for yourself, but the new legal status of the herb has allowed for much more accurate dosing than you might have gotten yourself.

Long gone are the days of trying to figure out the perfect ratio of ground bud to batter, now you have two much better options – purchase an already made edible, or perfectly infused and dosed homemade cannabutter if you still prefer your own brownie recipe.

Evergreen Organix Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies are the ultimate classic stoner sweet tooth fix. These rich and fudgy brownies are loaded with chunks of irresistible chocolate and infused with cannabis with house-made cannabutter. You could make them yourself, but why bother when gourmet bakers and chocolatiers have come up with the perfect recipe?

As we roll into fall we start to crave sweets – it’s just that time of year. S’more’s made over an open campfire, cookies, brownies and pies straight out of the oven – the warm smells wafting to your nose as a cool breeze comes rolling through the window – it’s what many of us look forward to as the holiday season approaches.

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies are dosed at 25 milligrams, 100 milligrams, or 1:1 CBD and are the perfect option for either an individual or a few friends to share as you decorate for the upcoming holidays, carve pumpkins and enjoy the changing weather and colors. Evergreen Organix brownies and other edibles are available in licensed Nevada dispensaries to adult consumers 21 and older.

Jillian Nelson