4 Strains to Help You Beat Insomnia, Even at its Worst

Cannabis, to many, seems like a “miracle” plant because it has numerous uses in medicine with more being discovered and confirmed each year. With the ability to treat conditions ranging from chronic pain to PTSD the growing list shouldn’t be a surprise – and neither should the fact that cannabis might be one of the best natural treatments for insomnia available today.

With many strains known for sedating and “couch-lock” like effects it seems natural that cannabis would be able to benefit someone suffering from a lack of sleep – or a lack of decent sleep at least. The definition of insomnia varies and includes both people who can’t sleep, can’t stay asleep, or wake up after only brief periods of sleep – but no matter which type of insomnia you’re suffering from, these cannabis strains and other similar indica strains are likely to help.

Blue Cheese

This is a hearty indica strain that was bred by crossing a Blueberry male plant with an original U.K. Cheese female plant (which is a Skunk #1 phenotype). This strain is known equally for its appearance, aroma, flavor and effects, with a taste that is very reminiscent of the Cheese background. This heavy indica strain is certainly one that can help relax your mind off into sleep stress free for a change.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush

This strain – as its name suggests – has been around for quite some time now, originating in the late 90s, Pre-98 Bubba Kush is known for providing a consistent and intense body sensation and a relaxed mind. When you’re looking for a way to help your mind unwind and wander after a long and stressful day, this strain will certainly do the trick.

Pure Kush

It should come as no surprise that a strain with a name like Pure Kush is a rather potent indica strain that will knock even veteran consumers on their asses. This strain has a slightly sativa-like buzz at first with heavy mind and body sensations followed shortly with a sort of “creeper” effect.


Once again, the name says it all – this strain is a hybrid with a surprisingly low THC content and a rarely high CBD content and not one you would normally consider for fighting insomnia. However, this cross between a female MK Ultra and a G13 Haze male, whether low in THC or not, provides a powerful relaxation that will leave you able to fall asleep easier, without the heady buzz that most of us are fans of.


Jillian Nelson