Benefits of Using Cannabis Infused Massage Oils in Therapeutic Massage

When it comes to cannabis we most commonly think of smoking, vaping or even edibles – but topicals are usually one of the farthest things from our minds. However, cannabis has many benefits as a topical and while it won’t get you high, it will certainly make your body feel good – so it should be no surprise that cannabis infused massage oils are growing in popularity where the herb is legal, becoming a staple for some in the world of therapeutic massage.

Previously in our Complete Guide to Cannabis Topicals for Beginners we went over some of the most important basics of topicals – like how the THC is absorbed through our skin, binding to CB receptors found there. With this knowledge it should make sense why cannabis infused massage oils would be so beneficial to those who have it as an option.

“It really helps the muscles when you use it,” said Rodgers. “[A cannabis topical] helps the muscles to relax a little bit easier. It has a tingling sensation to it when you first apply it, and I think from that moment on the client is able to – I mean it’s all purely topical, so it’s mostly felt in the muscles, that’s as far as it goes. It helps the client kind of just sink in. I notice people are able to relax with deeper pressure, and they’re not even as sore as they would be without it, if I was just using a regular cream. They recover a lot quicker.”

Localized relief from pain and inflammation are one of the biggest benefits of cannabis infused massage oils. If you’re using massage therapy as a way to cope with chronic pain then adding a cannabis infused oil to your treatment can bring you more relief, both in the short term and the long term. In fact, since the topical oil is touching both you and the massage therapist, the MT may also benefit from the infused oil as hands and other muscles begin to feel still after a long day.

From personal experience, Rodgers enjoys receiving cannabis-assisted massages as much as she administers them. “When I’m receiving a massage I can tell the difference between not getting the [cannabis] lotion and getting the [cannabis] lotion. My body will just take the pressure a lot easier and it’s more of a lasting effect as well,” she explained.

Overall, if you’re looking for an excuse to have an especially relaxing massage, or if you are looking for a way to make your massage therapy more beneficial, then cannabis massage oils might be the perfect solution. Evergreen Organix offers a traditional cannabis infused massage oil that also includes vanilla and lavender for added benefit.

Jillian Nelson