Four THC-Infused Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples Who Love Cannabis

For most, Valentine’s Day is a day to spoil your significant other – usually by doing something special for one another or doing something you enjoy doing together. For cannabis loving couples, it’s safe to assume that most holiday’s come with some form of herb to celebrate – whether it’s a specialty strain, a high-end concentrate or a gourmet THC infused edible.

If you’re still looking for a great Valentine’s Day present, enjoy cannabis, and want something that both you and your partner can enjoy, look no further. Evergreen Organix has some great ideas for the last-minute shoppers looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for cannabis loving couples.

Intimacy Massage Oil

One of the newest products to hit shelves from Evergreen Organix is their Intimacy Massage Oil. Described as a “must try love potion” the THC infused intimacy oil is available in licensed Nevada dispensaries now – just in time for Valentine’s Day. The topical is meant for direct application to the most sensitive of areas and can enhance your more personal encounters this holiday.

THC Infused Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are a go-to for Valentine’s Day – with dark chocolate being the king of all chocolates. If you’re thinking about a cannabis themed gift, Evergreen Organix Premium Dark Chocolate Bar is an excellent choice. Dosed with 350 milligrams of THC in each candy bar, this is a gift you can share (or get one for yourself so you can both save more for later!) – just make sure you remember to buy some not-THC-infused chocolates for when the munchies kick in!

THC Infused Strawberry White Chocolate

White chocolate is dark chocolates sweet counterpart – and if white chocolate is your thing then the Strawberry White Chocolate, another one of Evergreen Organix Premium Chocolates, will be your winner this holiday. The silky strawberry flavored white chocolate also dosed at 350 milligrams per candy bar – which means there will be plenty of enjoyment to be gotten out of each bar.

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie

A classic edible, but always delicious, is the THC infused brownies. Evergreen Organix has taken this and made it even better with Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies – rich fudgy brownies that are packed full of chocolate chunks. These brownies are made with Evergreen Organix own homemade cannabutter and are dosed at 50 milligrams of THC per brownie. Depending on your tolerance, this may still be enough to share – or you may want to get one for each of you – but no matter what it will make a classic THC infused gift for any cannabis loving couple.

Jillian Nelson