Why Are Cannabis Edibles Such a Popular Option?

With cannabis legalized in 9 states and D.C. there is a growing popularity – and uncertainty – surrounding THC infused edibles. There is good reason for both – edibles have a lot of potential pros over more common consumption methods like smoking, which we will talk about in today. However, as we have written about in the past, edibles can be a dangerous starting point for newbie cannabis consumers as the dosage can be hard to get right.

It is incredibly easy to under or over-dose with edibles, and even though an overdose won’t hurt you, it can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause panic for those who are unexpecting. This is why we’ve created this helpful guide to safe dosing with cannabis edibles to help both new and long-time consumers ensure they have the best possible experience with edibles.

Safe Alternative to Smoking or Vaping

One of the main reasons that many people are turning to edibles over smoking or vaping to get their THC is because it is truly a safer alternative. While smoking or vaping will provide a near-instant buzz that can last one to three hours, it also comes with issues like coughing, which can cause a sore throat. Not to mention when smoking you are also inhaling carcinogens from the combustion as well as the cannabinoids being released by your bud – though to avoid this vaporizing is always an alternative as well.

Some may choose edibles as they are not comfortable with smoking and vaping – this is one of the biggest reasons that new consumers turn to edibles rather than flower or concentrates.

The High Lasts So Much Longer

For medicinal and recreational users alike, another attraction to edibles is the fact that the buzz you get will last you far longer than it would if you were smoking or vaping. While a “high” from smoked or vaporized cannabis will generally onset within minutes, it only usually lasts anywhere from one to three hours. Edibles on the other hand, it will take longer for you to reach your sweet spot – but you’ll stay there for much longer, anywhere from three to seven hours.
This is another reason that patients prefer edibles – especially for pain relief, muscle spasms and similar conditions. Though it may take longer for the effects to be felt, the relief provided will last a lot longer, without the need to constantly medicate.

Edibles are Discrete and Delicious

Of course, there are many benefits to edibles no matter who you are – but another reason edibles are a popular choice is because they are super discrete. For patients who may need to medicate throughout the day they are a perfect alternative to carrying around a joint or a vape pen and trying to find somewhere you can toke. Just ensure that if your edibles are homemade that you label them correctly, so no one doses themselves on accident!

Finally, edibles are also a popular choice because quite frankly, they’re delicious! Evergreen Organix has a whole line of gourmet cannabis infused edibles that are always accurately dosed as their label says, so there is never any guesswork on how much THC you’ve just consumed. Everything from chocolates to fruit chews, cereal bars and homemade cannabutter, Evergreen Organix has you covered.