Why Sweets Make Such Great Cannabis Edibles

You may have noticed that a large majority of cannabis infused edibles are either candies or baked goods – but is there a specific reason for this? Maybe you were surprised the first time you heard of someone making their Thanksgiving turkey coated in cannabutter or using THC infused butter on your morning toast.

When most people think of cannabis edibles, their first thought is “special brownies” – but now that there is such a better understanding of how to cook with cannabis to get the most out of your herbal addition the options aren’t as limited as tossing your left-over trim in your batch of Pillsbury brownie mix.

For those who have access to legally sold cannabis edibles things have gotten even better – because now you don’t have to worry about the guesswork when it comes to dosing. Edibles sold on the legal markets are specifically tested for potency and labeled to ensure that consumers know exactly what they’re getting – which leads us into the first reason that candies are such a popular option for cannabis goodies.

Smaller Portions Are Easier to Dose

If you haven’t already read our Guide to Dosing with Cannabis Edibles, then you really should – especially if you are new to the cannabis scene. This is one of the reasons that candies are such a great option for THC infused treats – you are not meant to eat the whole thing at once!

Since it is recommended to start with 5-10 milligrams and work your way up, candies are usually the perfect starting point. Things like Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews that are individually dosed at 10 milligrams each are the perfect edible for beginners.

THC Infuses Better with Fats

Another reason that candies are one of the best options for edibles is because they almost all contain some sort of fats – butter or oil being the most common. Since cannabinoids like THC and fats are both hydrophobic (meaning they don’t mix well with water), they are much more easily cooked down into a fatty choice – like butter, olive oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil. Since this is a base ingredient in most candies or baked goods, it’s no wonder that most cannabis edibles are a sweet treat!

It Makes Medicating Fun

In the end however, there is one more reason that most edibles are made into candies – and that is simply because they are so damn delicious. How many people do you know that would turn down a sweet and savory salted chocolate? Or a fudgy brownie? Or a sweet and sour gummy? Not many, that’s for sure.

Since edibles are often a popular choice for medical marijuana patients, candies can also make medicating more fun. You’re a lot less likely to forget to eat that gummy than you are a pill, right? That’s why we make kids vitamins (and some adults versions) into gummies after all, isn’t it?

Evergreen Organix has a full line of cannabis edibles – there truly is something for everyone from the low-dosed fruit chews to the candy and cereal bars meant to be broken into several doses, you’re sure to find something to fulfill your craving.