Sweet Tooth Fix: Strawberry White Chocolate Bar

Candy bars are one of the most popular edibles for medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers alike – but sometimes you want to change it up from your every day milk or dark chocolate bar. This is why Evergreen Organix offers such a wide variety of candy bars, baked goods and other edibles – including a Strawberry White Chocolate Bar that will melt in your mouth (or blend perfectly into other sweet treats) and makes a perfect and versatile sweet tooth fix for summertime.

All the Evergreen Organix cannabis infused edibles are made in small batches with premium ingredients from the chocolate to the fresh fruit pieces to the high-grade cannabis to ensure quality in every candy bar, cereal bar, baked good or fruit chew. This is no different with the Strawberry White Chocolate Bar, made from white chocolate and real strawberry pieces blended perfectly to provide a smooth and milky texture as it melts or breaks apart with ease and a burst of flavor.

Anyone who is a fan of white chocolate – or chocolate covered strawberries – will be able to tell you that the combination of sweet berries and sweet coco goodness is a heavenly combination. Now that white chocolate strawberry goodness can be a part of your daily medicating as it is dosed with enough THC to be broken up into multiple sessions – or shared amongst friends and family as well.

If you’re looking for something that is unique, able to satiate the most unforgivable sweet tooth craving, that will also provide you with the pleasant and long-lasting buzz of a THC infused edible then you really need to look no further. The best part is you aren’t limited to eating it as is – candy bars, especially ones like this Strawberry White Chocolate Bar, are extremely versatile. They make excellent mix in options when blended into milkshakes or frozen yogurt and make an awesome ice cream topping or melts well into homemade cookies and brownies.

These bars are available in Nevada dispensaries for medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers age 21 and older – but always take care when consuming cannabis edibles. An overdose won’t kill you – but it can make you incredibly uncomfortable – so avoid such an experience by consulting our Guide to Safe Dosing with Cannabis Edibles; and if you find yourself having taken too much, take one of these actionable steps to help bring you back down to earth.