Fighting Chronic Pain with Cannabis Infused Topicals

Medical marijuana is well-known now for it’s ability to help fight chronic pain – especially in those suffering from conditions where even opiates seem useless like fibromyalgia and extreme forms of arthritis. However, while many are turning to smoking and vaping for a more immediate effect, or edibles for a long-lasting effect – few seem to consider the other alternative, localized pain relief without the buzz through cannabis infused ointments, salves and lotions among other topicals.

Evergreen Organix offers various topical products – but those that are going to best benefit those seeking pain relief are the Herbal Relief Salve and Lavender Vanilla Cannabis Infused Massage Oil.

The Herbal Relief Salve is a handcrafted salve that is made with premium cannabis oil, menthol and arnica – and is dosed at 100 milligrams THC and 25 milligrams CBD per container. For those looking for pain relief the combination of sedating and anti-inflammatory cannabis and cooling menthol will bring quick relief that sets in within minutes of applying this herbal salve.

Then there is the Lavender Vanilla Massage Oil, which is made from scratch and combines the medicinal qualities of cannabis and other essential oils and natural ingredients to create a soothing experience. This is excellent for sore muscles after a long day of work, exercise or even entertainment if it keeps you on your feet – and each jar is dosed at 100 milligrams of THC.

You may find that a combination of THC and CBD like found in the Herbal Relief Salve is more effective for you – especially if you are looking into topicals as a localized alternative for joint pain associated with arthritis. This is because CBD is found to have anti-inflammatory properties in addition to the THC – which will help reduce swelling when applied to the joints, helping to reduce pain that way as well as simply soothing sore muscles with an almost sedating effect.

One of the reasons that many patients are turning to cannabis topicals is because they are just as effective as smoked, vaped or eaten cannabis – and possibly more directly effective – and topicals will not cause a high. This makes topicals extremely popular among seniors and parents who are looking to find relief for themselves or their children but are not comfortable with the “high” produced by traditional medical marijuana consumption methods.

To better understand how you or someone you know can benefit from topical cannabis products check out our Complete Guide to Cannabis Topicals for Beginners – and learn about these conditions that may benefit from topical cannabis use over other consumption methods.