A Complete Guide on Vapes: Pens, Concentrates, Strains and More

Looking at the world today we are more technologically advanced than ever and that has significantly changed the way we live our lives. When it comes to cannabis, it has improved growing techniques allowing for more potent, flavorful, and colorful strains and the ability to better understand and utilize the plant in medicine; but it has also changed the way we consume cannabis. Where once smoking was king, many cannabis connoisseurs are turning to a healthier and more effective alternative – vaping. 

Why Choose to Vape over Smoking?

There are several reasons that one may choose to vape rather than smoke their marijuana – starting with the obvious health benefits. When you’re smoking, most of the smoke inhaled is carcinogens and a very small percentage is actually the THC and other cannabinoids you’re after. Vaping on the other hand heats the cannabis to a temperature where the cannabinoids are turned into vapor – but it never gets hot enough that it combusts as it does when smoking.

Other benefits of vaping rather than smoking include the ability to customize your buzz – or prevent a buzz and the discreteness of most vapes. You can check out this blog post for more information on how vaping can both healthier and more effective than smoking.

Choosing the Right Vape: Refillable or Disposable Vape?

There are many things to consider when you decide to get a vaporizer – but the most immediate choice will be whether you want to invest your money in a good refillable/reusable vaporizer, or if you want to start with a one-time-use disposable vape pen.

If you’re new to vaping and you just want to see if making the switch from smoking to vaping is what you want, then a disposable vape may be the way to go. These generally come prefilled with a specific strain or with a guaranteed indica or sativa strain in the form of an oil or waxy concentrate and are good for anywhere from 100-300 puffs.

However, if you are looking for something a little more permanent then a reusable vape is the way to go – but that doesn’t narrow down your decision much. Vaporizers come in many unique styles and sizes with a variety of customizable features – and they can range in price from as little as $15 and upwards of $300.

The most common style of vape is the pen – which looks much like any e-cig – and offers a discrete way to vape when out and about or at a social gathering. You will also see features like interchangeable pieces to allow you to consume oils or waxy concentrates and even regular flower (ground bud) as well as customizable temperature settings and more.

When you’re looking at purchasing a vape pen you should consider how versatile you need – or want – it to be, as well as your price point. It may be worth waiting and saving to get a more durable and versatile vape pen, especially if plan to use it often.

Should You Vape Concentrates or Flower?

This is a debate for some – but for others the answer is simply why not both? While vaping is more often talking about concentrates in the forms of oil or wax, there are many vape pens that are created to vaporize dry plant material as well. It works much the same way with either form of cannabis – although concentrates are often pure THC, where as with flower you will still get additional cannabinoids and terpenes, which can provide a slightly different effect even when consuming the same strain.

This is also one of those things you will have to consider before purchasing a vape – because many vape pens are meant to work only with specific prefilled cartridges. For those who prefer concentrates, or who still prefer to burn their plant matter the old fashion way but want a discrete vape for certain occasions – a pen with prefilled oil cartridges is an excellent option. They are much less messy than filling the cartridges yourself and will make things easier on you in the long run.

Finding the Right Strain for Vaping

This part is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. Most strains that are available to you in flower form are also available in a concentrated form – oil, wax or shatter made from Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies or Granddaddy Purple are probably not going to be hard to come across. However, some of the less common or local strains may be harder to come by in a concentrate form – but knowing what you are looking for in a strain will help you find a great alternative.

At the very least, you should always have the option of indica or sativa when it comes to concentrates. These more generic titles shouldn’t detour you – they are generally made from the same big name, high potency strains or a local equivariant premium strain. All you need to determine is if you are looking for a more sedating and relaxing buzz (indica), or a more energizing and creativity boosting one (sativa).

Evergreen Organix Vapes Meet All Your Needs

When it comes to vape products to get you started on your new journey into the world of vaping cannabis. A variety of products from disposable vape pens that come in both indica and sativa options, refill cartridges with the same strain choices, and multiple reusable pen style vapes will set you up for a wonderful experience.

The EG.O Trip for example is a rechargeable device that can pair with most standard atomizers and offers three different temperature settings to customize your experience. The EG.O Elite is a 3-in-1 reusable vape that can be used to consume wax, oil or flower. The EG.O Puff and EG.O Stick are both disposable vape options. The Puff allows you to add your own concentrates while the Stick is pre-loaded with either a high CBD strain, or a sativa or indica.  

With options to fit all your needs at various price ranges, Evergreen Organix knows what consumers are looking for in both a reusable and a disposable vape pen – from simplicity to customization. Evergreen Organix products are available to adult consumers 21 and older and are on sale in Nevada dispensaries.