Vaping: Dry Herb or Concentrates?

If you’ve read our Complete Guide on Vapes then you know we’ve already dove into this question once – should you vape concentrates or dry herbs?

There are certainly benefits to both – and if you’re intending to invest in a reusable vaporizer then you may need to decide one way or the other (although, there are options that will accommodate both!).

Benefits of Vaping Dry Herbs

One of the biggest benefits of vaping dry herbs over concentrates is that you get the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes – which blended together provide the plant with its potent aroma, flavor packed taste, and the psychoactive effects. That’s right – without terpenes and a host of other cannabinoids, THC creates a slightly different buzz.

Another benefit is that if you’re looking for a similar buzz to smoking a bowl or joint, vaping dry herb is likely to give you just that. This is not just because of the added cannabinoids and terpenes – but also because the THC levels in cannabis flower are much lower than in concentrates, as one might expect.

Benefits of Vaping Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates – like waxes and oils – are very popular when it comes to vaping. Also known socially as dabbing, concentrates are enjoyed by medical patients and recreational consumers alike for their extreme potency. As mentioned, the THC levels are much lower in cannabis flower than in cannabis concentrates.

Where flowers may range from 15-25 percent THC on average, concentrates can be anywhere from 60-80 percent THC in most cases. However, that high THC concentration does come at the cost of additional cannabinoids and terpenes during the extraction process.

Concentrates are preferred by patients because they provide fast-acting relief as it takes less to find the same relief due to the prominent levels of THC. Similarly, recreational users will find that it takes less of a wax or oil concentrate than it does dry herbs to reach the level of “stoned” they were hoping to achieve.

Which is Right for You?

Those who are looking for a flavorful and mellow buzz that is comparable to smoking will probably find more enjoyment in smoking vaping dry herbs VS vaping concentrates. On the other hand, veteran consumers who find that they are smoking too much may turn to concentrates to save money as it takes less of it to reach the same goal.

In the end, it really comes down to your personal preference. Evergreen Organix offers a full line of vape products including disposable vape pens, prefilled cartridges and rechargeable vape pens – with something to suit everyone’s needs. Products are available in licensed Nevada dispensaries to medical patients and adults 21 and older.