5 Best Hybrid Strains to Kick Off Your Summer

 Summer is a time for relaxing, vacations, beaches, pools, sun and fun – so if you’re someone who likes to pair every activity with the right buzz, you’ll want to choose a strain that will enhance your relaxation and mood. During these scorching summer months, you’ll likely find that a hybrid strain that offers some of the best of both the indica and sativa profiles is just what you need.

These five strains are not necessarily the top-rated hybrids, but they are well known and loved strains that each have something unique to offer.

Blue Dream

A sativa dominant hybrid straight out of California, Blue Dream is famous for a balance between full body relaxation and a mellow cerebral buzz. Both occasional and regular consumers enjoy this strain which leaves you in a state of euphoria and creative thought. Due to it’s more mellow buzz without the heavy sedation, even as it wears away, this strain is a popular choice for daytime use.

Bruce Banner

Named for the human behind the comic book hero The Incredible Hulk, this strain packs a high THC content and comes on strong initially – but it tends to settle quickly into a relaxed and even euphoric mental state, with a boost to creativity. In smaller doses it is easily used as a daytime medicine for many – but in larger doses you will quickly start to feel the indica effects, making it great for any time of day.

Agent Orange

A hybrid crossing Orange Velvet with Jack the Ripper, Agent Orange is impressive both in looks and in effects. The aroma of oranges and other citrus fruit captivates most, while the deep maroon and purple shades make this bud stand out against the usual greenery. With uplifting, motivating and mood enhancing effects this strain is easily enjoyed throughout the day.


This hybrid has been around for so long that many forget it is a hybrid at all – Headband was bred from OG Kush and Sour Diesel, creating a smooth and citrusy aroma and flavor with a diesel like after taste. This strain is great for combatting stress and helping you relax and the name comes from many reporting that it creates the effects of a slight pressure around the crown of the head, feeling as though you are wearing a headband. 

White Russian

A High Times Cannabis Cup winner in “Best Overall” back in 1996 this strain was ahead of it’s time and then considered the strongest strain in the world with a 22 percent THC level. The hybrid of White Widow and AK-47 (which are both also hybrid strains) this strain offers a fruity and skunky scent and a smooth and spicy flavor with a cerebral buzz that is relaxing and enjoyable – though like Bruce Banner in smaller doses it is good for daytime, but in larger doses it quickly becomes the couch-locking kind of strain you should save for evening and nighttime use.