Vaping 101: Best Temperatures for Vaping Cannabis

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you already know that vaping can be far more effective than smoking when it comes to cannabis – but do you know how to take advantage of the temperature control on your vaporizer?

One of the biggest advantages to vaping rather than smoking (other than the lack of cannabinoids and the over-abundance of carcinogens) is the ability to customize your buzz through temperature control. We mentioned this briefly in our Complete Guide on Vapes, but now we’re going to dive in a little deeper.

What temperature will give you the perfect buzz, every time? The truth is, there is no one definitive answer, everyone’s needs’ and preferences are going to be different, so your temperature preference will likely not be the same as someone else’s. The optimum temperature may even change depending on the specific strain or concentrates you are vaping at the time.

To access certain cannabinoids and terpenes, you will want to vape your cannabis at a temperature just below the boiling – or combustion – point. If you heat the bud any higher, it will simply burn and provide the same effect as smoking. Luckily for us, Leafly provides this neat chart to ensure you don’t turn the temp up too high!

For a More Clear-Headed Buzz…

If you’re someone who is looking for a reasonably euphoric feeling – but are more concerned with being relaxed while still having the ability to be productive, then a lower temperature is going to serve you well. A temperature of 310 – 330 degrees Fahrenheit will leave you feeling enjoyably happy and relaxed, but still highly functional and perhaps even hyper focused on a specific project.

The Best of Both Worlds…

Perhaps you’re looking for a slightly more intense buzz than this – but not something strong enough to keep you from getting something done with your day. A temperature of 330 – 370 degrees Fahrenheit will create a more noticeable feeling of euphoria and heightened sensory awareness. It is also likely to leave you feeling relaxed, but not so relaxed that you need to fear ending up couch locked.

Possibly Curing Insomnia…

If you’re a serious recreational consumer – or a medical patient – looking for the most intense bodily effects of cannabis, then you will want a much higher temperature. If you start vaping at 370 degrees and going as high as 430 degrees, then you have a good chance to not only releasing THC, but also a more potent and energizing version, THCV – which provides numerous medicinal benefits.

If you’re looking at investing in a good vape that will allow you to customize your buzz with a temperature control, then consider the EG.O Trip. This vape pen by Evergreen Organix is compatible with Evergreen Organix prefilled cartridges and is reusable/rechargeable.

Jillian Nelson