Include Some THC with Your SPF 30 This Summer

Cannabis topicals are becoming increasingly popular – providing many of the benefits of THC, like pain relief and anti-inflammation, without the buzz usually associated with high THC cannabis. Now that we are working into the hottest summer months you should be more conscious of your use of sun screen – especially if you’re vacationing near the beaches or spend a lot of time outside.

It doesn’t matter where you live, sun burn is always a potential risk when you’re spending time outside during peak hours for heat and sun – generally between 12pm and 3 pm you want to be certain you’re protecting your skin.

When considering sun screen options your first concern is generally the sun protection factor (SPF) – and rule of thumb is a minimum of 30 SPF, reapplying every two hours as long as you are outside in the sun. While there are some people who will require a higher SPF – even SPF 100 – to prevent burning, most people will be able to get away with 30 SPF without concern if used properly.

You might not think that THC infused sun screen would have much aided benefit – but there are definitely numerous benefits to any cannabis infused topical. Evergreen Organix offers a sun screen that comes dosed at 100 milligrams of THC per bottle, with the recommended minimum 20 SPF. Evergreen Organix Sunscreen is crafted with anti-aging ingredients – including cannabis which has many antioxidants that can help promote healthy skin.

If you already use a cannabis topical to deal with joint or muscle pain associated with arthritis or another chronic condition, then you may enjoy this THC infused sun screen as an all-in-one option for those days you’ll find yourself in the sun. This will not only save you time, but also prevent you from over-doing it with skin care products by applying your THC topical before using a traditional sunscreen.

Cannabis topicals are also sometimes known to have a cooling effect – which is useful for those who might have already allowed themselves to be burnt and are looking to prevent it from happening again. The 30 SPF sunscreen will prevent further burning, while the THC will help to reduce the swelling, pain and itching associated with the sun burn.

Since sun damage is one of the leading causes of rapidly aging skin (aside from poor personal health and hygiene), the addition of THC may be more beneficial than most consider. Studies have found that many cannabinoid receptors – the receptors that THC and CBD bind to – are found in the skin, giving cannabis great potential for skin-healing benefits.

Evergreen Organix SPF + THC Sunscreen is available to adults 21 and older in licensed Nevada dispensaries. Consult WeedMaps to find a dispensary carrying Evergreen Organix products near you!

Jillian Nelson