Sweet Cannabis Creations for Your Summer Vacation

Now that summer has arrived, the time for beach days and road trips has come once again – and people everywhere will be preparing to take their annual week-long summer vacation. If you’re looking for a way to medicate discretely while traveling or looking to enhance your vacation with a little cannabis twist, then these four sweet treats will more than hit the spot!

Fruit Cereal Treat

A fruity and cannabis infused take on the classic rice crispy treat the Evergreen Organix Fruit Cereal Treat is an excellent choice to have on hand during your trip. Available in both 25 milligram and 100 milligram varieties these cereal bars are made with our own homemade cannabutter, creamy marshmallow and high quality fruity cereal. This is sure to be a favorite of any stoner whose sweet tooth demands a burst of fruity flavor.

Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bar

Taking creamy white chocolate, crunchy peanuts and smooth peanut butter, Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bar will be an excellent option for quick and flavorful medicating. Available in 100 milligram and 1:1 CBD options these candy bars are crafted in small batches by gourmet chocolatiers to ensure a high-quality standard in each and every chocolate bar.

Espresso Bean Dark Chocolate Bar

With a vacation you don’t necessarily lose that need to be on the move – there are still things to get done, places to be and people to see, even if it is at a more leisurely pace. To help keep you relaxed and on your toes at the same time consider the energizing Espresso Bean Dark Chocolate bar – which is available in 100 milligram and 1:1 CBD options, and like the Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bar it is made in small batches by skilled professionals to ensure quilaty and consistency.

Fruit Chews

If you’re looking for a more natural sort of sweet, then Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews might be more your speed. These classic gum drop candies are infused with cannabis – never soaked or sprayed, and each small batch is made 100 percent from scratch from natural fruit puree. Dosed at 10 milligrams THC per gum drop and 50 milligrams per pack these Fruit Chews come in strawberry banana, lemon, mango, blue raspberry, peach and watermelon.

These products and more from Evergreen Organix are available to adults 21 and older in licensed Nevada dispensaries. Consult WeedMaps for product availability near you!

Jillian Nelson