Meet the EG.O Line of Vape Products

When it comes to vaporizing you’ll find that there are far more options than you may have considered from the get go. From decisions like whether to buy a disposable or rechargeable vape pen to how strong of an indica or sativa oil you want to pair with your new pen, it can get a little complicated. However, no matter what your needs might be – the Evergreen Organix line of vape products has something to suit everyone’s needs.

EG.O Stick

A disposable vape pen, this is the most convenient vape pen option from EG.O. The EG.O Stick comes in 250 milligrams of THC either from an indica or a sativa plant – it also comes with a 10:1 CBD option for those who may be looking to medicate without feeling the buzz produced by THC reaching your blood stream.

EG.O Puff

Another disposable vape pen the EG.O Puff gives you more options than the EG.O Stick as it allows you to use your favorite oils and waxes. Simply load your preferred concentrates into the EG.O Puff and vape away – you may get more than a single use out of these vapes, but if you’re looking for long-term use then you should consider one of the rechargeable options.

EG.O Elite

This is one of the two rechargeable vape options from Evergreen Organix – and this one is has the added bonus of being able to vape regular cannabis flower as well as concentrates. The EG.O Elite has multiple attachments to accommodate all forms of cannabis; this 3-in-1 reusable vape is perfect for anyone who is looking to transition from smoking as it gives you the option of concentrates or herb.

EG.O Trip

The last entry on our list of Evergreen Organix vaporizer products is the EG.O Trip – which comes with some of the most intricate features yet. This vape pen is not only rechargeable, but it offers three temperature adjustment settings (which gives you more of a chance to customize your buzz). Overall, if you’re looking for a study vape that is not only relatively discrete, but also offers temperature settings that can be adjusted to access specific terpenes and cannabinoids.

EG.O Refill Cartridges

Along with offering discrete vape pens with the option of disposable or rechargeable, Evergreen Organix offers refill cartridges for the EG.O Elite and EG.O Trip. These, like the disposable pens, come in both sativa and indica options, prefilled and ready to go.

Evergreen Organix EG.O vaporizer line offers something for everyone – so visit WeedMaps in order to locate a dispensary near you that is stocked with the EG.O line and Evergreen Organix other products like edibles and topicals – available to adults 21 and older.

Jillian Nelson