Using Cannabis Topicals to Prevent and Treat Sunburn

We’re well into summer now and many of us are enjoying vacations – and what a better summer vacation spot than the beach? The sun, sand and surf – the sound of the rolling waves and the smell of saltwater flowing through the breeze as the sun warms your skin – sounds like paradise for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, these beach trips also come with a risk that not everyone thinks about – though the bright and warming sun is enjoyable in the moment, its rays does their damage in a matter of hours – especially in tropical climates. Sunburn is nothing to mess around with – in the long run severe sunburns can cause irreversible skin damage and even cancer – but if you do happen to find yourself suffering from a sunburn, whether mild or severe, know that cannabis topicals may offer you the relief you seek.

While aloe plants are usually the go-to for burns of any sort, cannabis is also an excellent topical choice for treating sunburns as it offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain and antioxidants to aid in the healing process.

Evergreen Organix Herbal Relief Salve is normally recommended for aching joints and muscles – but it can also provide relief from sunburns. Made from premium cannabis oil with menthol and arnica this salve is dosed at 100mg THC and 25 mg CBD per container.

 When you have reached the stage where the sunburn is no longer painful, but instead it is rather itchy, and the skin is dry and peeling, you may find more relief from Evergreen Organix Avocado Lemongrass Body Cream. Made from scratch by blending avocado oil, fragrant lemongrass oil, cannabis, and other vitamins and minerals this premium body butter will relief dryness and irritation and is dosed at 100mg THC and 25 MG CBD per container.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has yet to feel the heat in the form of a sunburn so far this summer, then you will want to do what you can to prevent one in the first place. Any time you know you will be out in direct sunlight – especially in a beach or extremely open setting – you should apply sunscreen every couple of hours. Evergreen Organix Sunscreen is crafted with anti-aging ingredients and is dosed at 100 mg per bottle of SPF 30 – creating a sunscreen that protects your skin in more ways than most.

Always be careful to remember your sunscreen when you’re going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time – but if you’ve already fallen victim to sunburn this summer, you can find relief through Evergreen Organix cannabis infused topicals, available to consumers 21 and older in licensed Nevada dispensaries. Check out WeedMaps for a location near you!


Jillian Nelson