Does Vaping Cannabis Get You Higher than Smoking It?

If you’re a long-time cannabis consumer then chances are you’ve consumed cannabis in most of the common ways – smoking, vaping, dabbing, and eating – and that means that you’ve likely noticed that the buzz is slightly different with each different consumption method. In the end, the method you choose will be entirely dependent on personal preference.

Some will always reminisce on the buzz they got from smoking that first joint, so smoking may remain the preference for them – while others may prefer the smoother and often more controlled buzz you can obtain from vaping.

However, this poses the question – does vaping cannabis get you higher than smoking it?

Unfortunately, there are not very many studies on vaping itself – rather it’s potential in treatment of various conditions. When comparing vaping and smoking we must determine the differences based on anecdotal evidence – and this can vary depending on who you ask.

Some will tell you that they don’t get as good a buzz off vaping – but you need to consider all the factors. Were they vaping flower or concentrates? Were they using a quality vaporizer with temperature controls, and was the temperature set at the proper heat for the effects they desired?

Unlike smoking, vaping gives you a lot more control over the experience – a more mellow and less noticeable buzz can be obtained at a lower heat, while the heavier experience more often desired by experienced recreational consumers or many medical marijuana patients can be found at a higher temperature.

When smoking, you’re inhaling a significant percentage of carcinogens rather than cannabinoids – which can also change the way you feel after you’ve consumed cannabis. The extreme heat that causes combustion also releases a host of different cannabinoids than when cannabis is vaporized at a higher heat, which will also change the way you perceive the experience.

While some may have said that they do not get as high from vaping as they do from smoking, you’ll also hear from just as many people that they get way more stoned when they choose a good vape pen over smoking a bowl. So, what makes the real difference here?

Once again, temperature control will play a big part in how your buzz feels after you’ve had a vape session – but that is not the only crucial factor. While vaping flower is not unheard of, it is far more common that you will be vaping oil, wax or other concentrates – which naturally are much more potent than raw flower. This is often the reason that your buzz seems more intense when you’re vaping – even if it may not be as long-lived.

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Jillian Nelson