Flower vs. Concentrates: Is One Better Than The Other?

We’ve looked at the differences between flower and concentrates before, but that was specific to vaping. Of course, vaping isn’t the only way to consume concentrates like wax or oils and it certainly isn’t the only way to enjoy flower. Dry herb, flower, what we stoners traditionally know as weed is the most common way to come across cannabis – but for numerous reasons concentrates are becoming increasingly popular. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the differences in these two favorite forms of cannabis.

Concentrates are More Potent than Flowers

When it comes to potency, concentrates have the win over flowers – the name “concentrates” says it all, really. Generally, concentrates hover between 50-90 percent THC or CBD – which is why they are favored mostly among veteran consumers. As your tolerance gets higher, the more potent concentrates will usually provide the buzz, pain relief or other benefits you are looking for when you find yourself smoking or vaping bowl after bowl to get the same effect.

Concentrates Covers a Variety of Cannabis Products

While flower covers the most basic form of cannabis – trimmed and cured buds – concentrates covers a much wider variety of cannabis products. You might think of oils and waxes when you hear concentrates – and you would be right – but tinctures and hash are concentrates as well. Anything where THC or CBD or other terpenes and cannabinoids are extracted from whole plant cannabis can be considered a concentrate. Hashish is one of the oldest concentrates, and tinctures have been around for years – but waxes and oils have only joined the mix in recent years.

Flowers Tend to Have More Flavor and Terpenes

In the end, one of the main things that brings people back to traditional flower – even long after switching to mainly concentrates – is the flavor profile and the difference in the buzz you experience. What this comes down to is concentrates are extracting specific cannabinoids from the cannabis, most commonly THC or CBD, but in that extraction process other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are all lost. These flavonoids are what create the pungent aroma and strong flavor of dry herb, and terpenes contribute to the psychoactive effects that are experienced.

Overall, both concentrates and flowers have their benefits – and everyone has their own personal preferences. Evergreen Organix offers vape pens that accommodate both waxes and oils, as well as dry herb vaporizing – ensuring that no matter what your preferred consumption method is, you always have the option to switch it up.

Jillian Nelson