Why Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles?

When you can simply go to a dispensary and purchase a ready-made cannabis edible, why in the world would you want to put in the effort to make your own? Premade edibles are great – but customization makes the experience a little more personal. Whether you are making a batch of your famous holiday cookies or a steak dinner, why not add a little cannabis twist?

Thanks to the convenience of premade edibles, even making your own edibles doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Rather than undertaking the guesswork of infusing butter or oil with cannabis yourself – a time consuming and sensitive process – you may have the option to use premade cannabutter or oil to turn any meal into a different kind of treat!

Perfect Your Preferred Potency

This is a big reason for making your own cannabis edibles – not everyone enjoys the same potency. While some enjoy an intense mind and body buzz, others prefer a lighter and more spacey feeling – and how you react to edibles is mostly determined by how much THC you consumed. Making your own edibles ensures that you are making something that will fit your own tolerance.

Use Cannabis in Any Recipe You Want

We used to think of cannabis edibles as strictly brownies – but now anything can be turned into a cannabis infused masterpiece. That comment earlier about a steak dinner? Totally doable. Craving some of your mom’s homemade cookies? Use the same recipe and substitute regular butter with cannabutter. The possibilities are endless – and this doesn’t work only for butter – using cannabis infused coconut oil you can make any recipe that allows coconut oil as a substitute for vegetable or olive oil.

Prepare Edibles As-Needed or In Advance

Premade edibles are often delicious and convenient – but they can also be expensive if you plan on consuming edibles regularly. For regular consumers who prefer edibles and patients who rely on edibles for long-lasting benefits it can become too much to buy premade edibles all the time. With cannabutter you can make a large batch of cookies at once to have on hand for when you need them, or you can choose to medicate daily and incorporate cannabutter into your meals.

Evergreen Organix offers both homemade cannabutter and cannabis infused coconut oil, each dosed at 1000 milligrams of THC per jar. This would certainly be enough to get you through a handful of cooking adventures – perhaps making these Apple Pie Bars or Coconut Chocolate Chip Waffles… Evergreen Organix edibles, including cannabutter and coconut oil, are available in licensed Nevada dispensaries to adults 21 and older – and you can find more recipes like the ones mentioned in this article by following us!

Jillian Nelson