Celebrate These 420 Career Opportunities this Labor Day

industry was illegally. Since California voted for medical marijuana to be legal in 1996 the industry has grown significantly – operating in over half the United States, with multiple states having legalized the sale of recreational cannabis to consumers 21 and older. Thanks to everyone who has worked hard over the last several decades, 420 friendly career opportunities are more plentiful – and more legal – than ever before.

Here’s a quick look at some of the jobs that wouldn’t have been possible only twenty years ago.


When you walk into a dispensary in a legal state you’re more than likely to find someone behind the counter who knows the in’s and outs of cannabis. They can tell you whether you are looking for an indica, sativa or a hybrid – and can probably name off a few specific strains that will meet the needs you’re looking for. If you’re a cannabis connesseur and you love talking with and helping people, then this could be the perfect 420 career for you.

Edibles Chef

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Can you bake up a storm (with an added cannabis kick)? If that sounds like you then there could be room for you as an edibles chef. These are the people who help companies like Evergreen Organix create the perfect edibles to put on the shelves of dispensaries in legal states. Thanks to creative minds cannabis edibles have gone far past brownies and candies and new ideas only continue to flow.

Master Grower

Anyone with a green thumb who loves cannabis will find themselves right at home as a master grower. After all, someone must be the one to oversee the production of all that legal cannabis – so if you’re confident that you have the horticultural skill to grow some dank bud then consider looking for a job at a cultivation facility. Although, ensure that you only show off your cannabis growing skills with what you can prove you can do since legalization.

Strain Reviewer

For a lot of cannabis consumers, strain reviewer would be a dream job. You get to try all the latest strains and pick them apart for everything from their appearance to their aroma and taste down to the way you feel from smoking or vaping it. With growers constantly pairing strains to create hybrids that are potent in specific tastes or effects, there is certainly no shortage of new strains to try and there will always be people who appreciate you sharing your experience so they can find the medicine they need with more ease.

Jillian Nelson