4 Perfect Strains to Welcome Fall

As summer ends and we roll into fall, it’s time to take another look at some of the most popular strains – with a fall theme. Different names are one of the things that makes strains of cannabis appealing – after all, it sounds a lot better to say you have an eighth of Girl Scout Cookies than it does to say you have “dro” or “A’s” – very generic and pre-legalization sounding to say the least.

So, to celebrate the changing of the seasons, we’re looking at four cannabis strains that were named with the autumn season in mind – or at least ones that remind us of the upcoming cooler weather!

Cherry Pie

Fall is most definitely the time of year where everyone’s sweet tooth starts to kick into overdrive, or so it seems. Pie’s are a staple as the holiday season approaches, making Cherry Pie a good seasonal choice in strains. This hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison creates dense buds thick with orange hairs and a sweet and sour cherry aroma; it provides a quick onset buzz that usually sticks around for a couple of hours.

Ghost OG

Along with fall comes the month of October and all things scary – and what is fall without a few ghost stories around the campfire? Ghost OG, bred from OG Kush, would make an excellent strain to pair with these spooky stories with its balance between cerebral and bodily effects that are both noticeable and enjoyable.


What is the Halloween season without a monster movie or two? Pennywise, the killer clown from Stephen King’s “It” provided the inspiration for the namesake on this strain – a high-CBD indica crossed between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. This strain offers a combination of mild and relaxing psychoactive effects while the CBD counteracts the anxiety inducing intensity of the buzz.

Bright Fire

Maybe not specifically a fall themed name, but what is the fall but the beginning of bonfire season? Relaxing by a fire pit, at a local bonfire for a Homecoming celebration, or camping out in the wilderness in the cooler weather – there are plenty of chances to enjoy a bright fire. In this case however, that means a cross between Fire OG and Tangie Sunrise, creating a strain with a rich terpene profile with a piney and citrus like flavor and a relaxing, semi-sedative effect.

Jillian Nelson