5 Unexpected Benefits of Regular Cannabis Use

Millions of people use marijuana on a regular basis – anywhere from 33 million to 55 million people depending on which survey you look at. Most of these people know what to expect when they smoke weed – a head fogging buzz or a stimulating talkative experience paired with dry mouth and a serious case of the munchies are all within the usual expectations. However, these are not the only things that cannabis can do for regular consumers and it’s far more beneficial than many will notice.

Increased Lung Capacity

One thing that you might not consider is an increased lung capacity – after all, most of the time cannabis is associated with smoking and smoking is associated with poor lung health. Unlike tobacco smoke however it appears that smoking marijuana increases lung capacity rather than restricting it. In fact, conditions like lung cancer and Emphysema have both shown to regress with cannabis is introduced.

Reduce Chances of Obesity 

Again, you probably think of the previously mentioned case of the munchies and over-eating when you think of getting stoned – but it could help you maintain or lose weight and help prevent against diabetes. Studies have found that cannabis users tend to be slimmer on average than non-users as well as learning about its ability to regulate insulin production.

Decrease Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

If you’ve ever had to watch a loved one slowly lose their memories and mind due to Alzheimer’s, then you know it’s not a fate you want for yourself. While cognitive degeneration is not entirely avoidable, there is good news for cannabis consumers – studies suggest it can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, and possibly prevent it in the first place.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Some might think of cannabis to wind down before going to bed or taking a nap – but those heavy effects are true to indica strains, not sativa’s. Certain strains, especially potent sativa strains, leave you feeling energized and ready-to-go and dive into projects they may have been putting off for a while. Even Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has found success when treated with the right strain.

Lower and Regulate Your Blood Pressure

Just like lung problems and smoking, high blood pressure is just something you should expect if you smoke tobacco products, at least in most cases. However, studies have found cannabis could help to treat hypertension as well as other blood pressure issues – however it is advised to talk to your doctor about this and never stop taking medication that regulates these issues without talking to your physician first.


Jillian Nelson