5 Reasons to Start Drinking Cannabis Tea

Consuming cannabis has almost become mainstream nowadays. A few decades ago the activity would have raised a few eyebrows when broached publicly, not to mention the interest of the police. But as more and more research have yielded a new understanding of the drug and its apparent benefits to health, its use for medicinal and recreational use is not seen as taboo anymore. People consume cannabis for many reasons and for many ways, one of which is true the high art of tea drinking. And as its use become decriminalized in many countries around the world, it only makes sense that a plant with medicinal purposes is ingested through boiling its leaves and drinking the hot concoction.


Marijuana has always been associated with health benefits even before people started using it to get high. High THC and the numerous compounds in the plant have been shown to keep cells healthy and reverse the effects of a disease. For many centuries people have been using marijuana as traditional herbal medicine, and it is only in recent times that the west is catching up to its many health benefits. Many have dubbed it the wonder drug, and now that more and more research is coming out solidifying this claim, cannabis use will only increase among the general public.


1.   Pain Reduction


Cannabis is a common analgesia. Many of the regular users have described its effectiveness in treating mild to moderate pain, as well as relieving acute or chronic pain. This is possible due to the active ingredients in the plant binding to pain receptors in the body causing a significant reduction in the pain sensation. Drinking marijuana tea only increases the plants' absorption through the intestinal lining and delivering these components faster throughout the body compared to other means like smoking or vaping.


2.   Lowers Anxiety


Many people who suffer from chronic pain also suffer from anxiety. Patients with life threatening and debilitating illnesses experience fear and anxiety during their treatment. Marijuana has been known to be an effective drug at calming the mind and increasing the sense of well-being for many patients. Consuming the drug in its tea form adds to the calming effect it has since tea drinking is associated with relaxation and calmness.


3.   Promotes Digestion


Marijuana tea is also a very good at promoting the digestive health. As mentioned earlier, drinking marijuana tea is a more effective way to deliver the health benefits of the plant to the body as it can be easily absorbed through the digestive tract. It can help with constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea, and cramping. Marijuana has also been known to provide significant relief to known gastrointestinal problems.


4.   Prevents Cognitive Decline


New research has revealed that marijuana also helps in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. An important compound found in cannabis, THC, has been attributed to slowing down the progression of the disease by blocking certain proteins which play in important role in the occurrence of Alzheimer's. The study has ever only been done on animals but these results have shown great promise in combatting Alzheimer's and other illnesses related to the decline of cognitive function.


5.   Mood Stabilizer


Apart from the sense of euphoria attributed to the feeling of being high, marijuana has also been shown to stabilize the mood of people with certain mental conditions. Those that drink marijuana tea has reported back that emotional symptoms associated with chronic stress and anxiety have greatly reduced because of the drug. People with depression have also benefitted from drinking the concoction and have stated that it has improved their sense of well-being. This is due in part to tea causing lesser psychoactive effects on the mind than smoking marijuana. Drinking the tea is attributed to a sense of calmness and relaxation and the active ingredient in the plant, THC, is absorbed faster through the digestive tract and delivered around the body.


Author Bio: Leanne Brooks, a passionate blogger and advocate of legalization of cannabis, adores to expound on the health benefits of medical and recreational marijuana. She is currently working for High THC, a leading online marijuana delivery service in Canada, which offers high quality cannabis products all over the country. 

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