Strain Overview: LA Confidential

A strain that has been around the block a couple times, LA Confidential is a favorite when looking for an indica strain that has all the expected traits. Originating in Southern California this strain is a hybrid of an OG strain and an Afghan indica with an impressive THC content that makes it a go-to for both recreational and medicinal consumers.

Popular in Los Angeles – no wonder given the namesake – this strain is popular among artists known for being cannabis connoisseurs like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill.

Appearance and Aroma

This strain is known for a variety of dark olive or vibrant lime green buds with tiny purple leaves and wiry deep red hairs. The dense buds are small and round with a coating of white crystal trichomes that create a frosted look. The aroma is a sweet and piney scent that is reminiscent of a forest, with a skunky hint.

Before and After Taste

The flavor profile boasts a combination of the earthy, skunky pine scent – but with a noticeable citrusy undertone that has a lemony flavor. You’ll notice a thick smoke or vapor when smoking or vaping this strain, with a sweet and almost floral aftertaste. The aroma from the smoke or vapor isn’t one that lingers long after exhale, though the aftertaste may sit until cotton mouth sets in.

Physical and Mental Effects

This strain is known for it’s high 20-25 percent THC content – with an almost pure indica strain a high THC content is expected, and LA Confidential exceeds expectations. This train is known for creating a comfortable body buzz and a nearly psychedelic metal buzz. It often leaves you feeling relaxed and tired, and over-toking with this strain could easily lead to falling asleep earlier than anticipated.

Medicinal Benefits and Uses

As mentioned, this strain is known for it’s heavy hitting THC content and its powerful ability to sedate with one hit too many. This is one of the reasons that this is a go-to for many medical marijuana patients – especially those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, arthritis and other conditions where you often develop insomnia over time.

It is also excellent as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression that both occur on their own, or alongside previously listed conditions. This strain is also great at easing nausea and fighting migraines – overall, if you’re looking for an excellent strain to ease your pain and ensure a quality rest and sleep, LA Confidential will meet your needs.

Fleur Brands offers LA Confidential in both flower and pre-rolled joints – and is available to adult consumers 21 and older and medical marijuana patients with valid ID. Find LA Confidential and other strains by Fleur Brands in dispensaries using!

Jillian Nelson