Joint, Blunt, Bowl or Bong: What’s the Best Way to Smoke Weed?

There are a lot of debates among cannabis culture – and one that is never going to see an end is what is the absolute best way to smoke weed? Some will tell you that nothing beats the classic joint, while others swear by the more modern blunt. On the other hand, glass connoisseurs will debate over the benefits of bowls over bongs – each having their own preference. In the end, is there really one “best” way to smoke weed?

Joints are a Classic

When you see a marijuana poster – whether it is pro legalization or a prohibitionists modern Reefer Madness sign often the herb is depicted as a joint. A simple and classic way to smoke there are few stoners who haven’t enjoyed a joint at least once in their time. Made even more famous with scenes like the giant joint from Cheech and Chong or the cross joint from Pineapple Express it’s no surprise that for some people, there’s just no more perfect way to spark up.

The Modern Blunt

While joints are still a favorite among many weed smokers – especially the older generation – these days people seem to prefer something a little bigger and according to some, better. Rolled from a cigar wrap or a split open cigar or cigarillo blunts hold more bud than your average joint and they go around rotation more too. Flavored every which way from original sweet to banana, peach, piña colada and more there is no shortage of way options, leaving most regular blunt smokers with a favorite go-to brand and flavor. (Wild Rush Swishers or Strawberry Kiwi White Owls, anyone?)

The Great Glass Debate – Bong or Bowl

Though many people prefer joints and blunts because they are easy to pass around and they are quick and easy to dispose of in a pinch, there are still those who will argue day and night that nothing beats the clean taste of a glass pipe. However, while all those who prefer glass can agree on this there is still one more battle – bowl or bong?

Regular pipes – commonly known to most casual stoners as a bowl – come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are glass (though most will prefer glass to metal or wood). They are perfect for a solo smoke session or for smoking a little between a few people – but they only hold so much so may not go around enough with a large rotation.

Water pipes – commonly known as bongs in cannabis culture – also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and made from many different materials. However, your classic bong is glass – and when packed down well and a few ice cubes tossed in with the water can provide a massive monster hit without much effort – though expect that you’re likely to cough a lot if you take this route.

In the end, there isn’t necessarily one “best” or “ultimate” way to smoke weed – it comes down to personal preference.

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Jillian Nelson