7 Health Benefits of Marijuana Terpenes and Seeds

Guest blog by Jessica

Many communities classifying them as drugs have continuously marginalized marijuana Terpenes and seeds. Recent studies have disputed this fact and have associated them with some of the most unexpected and unusual benefits. As a result of extensive studies that are being conducted on the cannabis plant, including its seeds. It has come to our attention that not many of us know or are even/ aware of these benefits. Therefore, here are the top 7 benefits that are associated with Marijuana Terpenes and seeds.

1.  Aromatherapy



Marijuana Terpenes and seeds such as linalool terpene are responsible for an array of different aromas, distinctive smells, and unique flavors. These are said to have therapeutic effects on human beings and can resolve many therapeutic effects. This specific seed contains berry taste and a hint of mint in the mix. These are essential in aromatherapy and aid an individual in relaxing and focusing. Examples of marijuana seeds that have this strain of benefits include bubble gum and sour diesel.  Using this takes you to happy land all through.

2. Memory retention

Some of the plant's sections such as the stems of OG Kush contain a high content of pinene. Pinene is a compound that is used to boost alertness. It also aids in improving an individual's memory retention levels. It provides one with the focus levels needed to remember specific details of any issued test. Besides, it alleviates a person's anxiety levels by ensuring that they relax and provide calmness. Taking it in the evening while at home, relieves stress and creates a calming environment that guarantees a calm head and body.

3. Stimulates Appetite




Beta-caryophyllene terpene is one that has an array of benefits.  If in pain or high inflammation, it is often difficult to eat or even engage in any activity. Sometimes, it is also difficult to focus, and you end up with a bad mood. This type of terpene is known for alleviating pain, soothing inflamed parts of your body and above all improve your appetite. Furthermore, it does have a calming effect that ensures you relax by enhancing your mood.

4. Mental Relaxation and Control 

When using marijuana flowers, you cannot afford to budget buds. A bowl of each herb from a type of marijuana plant has different effects on the body. The impact of flower buds from the sweet skunk is said to ensure relaxation. It induces the brain bringing out its creative side. It also inspires new thoughts, ideas, and relieves stress levels.

5. Asthma control



Some medical conditions require continuous monitoring. People with such ailments tend to suffer as it is difficult sometimes to identify a trigger. However, if using terpineol is a marijuana terpene or seed, you are guaranteed to have improved health. The terpene is said to have antibacterial effects whenever taken reducing your chances of an attack. Also, it improves your breathing by stimulating your muscles to work in harmony. Furthermore, it provides pain relief for your body. Some of the budget buds you might need for this are in the Jack Herer flowers.

6. Sleep Control


If finding it hard to sleep during the night, and this is slowing you down during the day, then you should try some marijuana seeds. Some of them contain myrcene a compound that is described as fruity. This specific terpene (myrcene) has sedative effects when taken. It induces sleep in people with sleeping issues. It also causes muscle relaxation, alleviates pain, and reduces possible body inflammation. The terpene is found in hops, thyme, and mangoes. When taken, it is said to work very fast compared to other marijuana terpenes.

7. Acid Reflux


Limonene is a compound that contains OG Kush and even Sour Diesel. This marijuana terpene has several effects on the body, one of which is controlling acid production in the body. Therefore, it aids in treating acid reflux. Other properties of this terpene include being able to improve a person's mood levels, and ensuring that an individual relaxes. Besides this, it can also reduce inflammation, reduces anxiety levels, and pain. This terpene found in different types of mints, juniper, and rosemary. It presents itself as a blend of orange and lemon.


Marijuana terpenes and seeds have a wide array of benefits. The different parts of marijuana plants produce different terpenes that can be used for medicinal purposes. It means that the marijuana plant is not only an essential drug but a plant that many can consider partnering and introducing into their lifestyles. However, remember not to misuse the plant's products but to use them as directed to achieve the maximum benefits associated. Be sure to seek your products from a reputable and well-known supplier. It will ensure that you receive quality and value for money paid.


Author’s Bio

Jessica is a cannabis and health industry consultant who frequently writes about the latest trends in the industry. She has been writing for a long time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help maintain better health and lifestyle.




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