Could Smoking Weed Motivate You to Workout More?

Something you probably don’t think to do too often is mix things like marijuana and physical exercise – but a recent study suggests that it could be more of a motivator than you think. It has already been proven that cannabis consumers have a generally lower BMI and are at a decreased risk for conditions like diabetes. Now, a study is suggesting that marijuana users who toke up before or after a workout end up exercising longer.

“To our knowledge, this is the first study to survey attitudes and behavior regarding the use of cannabis before and after exercise, and to examine differences between cannabis users who engage in co-use, compared to those who do not,” said the study authors.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado surveyed over 600 marijuana consumers residing in states where the plant is legal. Out of those surveyed almost 500 said they would endorse using marijuana – either up to an hour before, or up to four hours after a workout.

The reasons for smoking, vaping or munching down an edible pre- or post-work out? Seventy-eight percent said they agree that it “enhances recover from exercise,” 70 percent said they believe “cannabis increases enjoyment of exercise,” and 50 percent said it “increases motivation.”

“Given both the spreading legalization of cannabis and the low rates of physical activity in the US, it behooves public health officials to understand the potential effects — both beneficial and harmful — of cannabis use on exercise behaviors.”

Interestingly, the survey found that those who consume cannabis in that time frame before or after their workouts tended to stay in the gym longer. On average, those who toke up before or after their workouts stayed an average of 43 minutes longer for aerobic exercise and 30 minutes longer for anaerobic exercises.

“I’ve always loved getting out on my bike and doing exercise while stoned,” Boyd said. “There is a negative perception about people who use cannabis compared to those who use alcohol, but alcohol is more harmful. There’s an imbalance there.”

Between 50 percent saying that cannabis helps increase motivation for their workout and the extended time spent in the gym, it is clear that cannabis can go hand-in-hand with exercising. If you’ve been thinking about hitting the gym soon then next time maybe take a few puffs off your vape or a bowl before you leave and make the most out of your workout!

Jillian Nelson